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The One Liner

August 28, 2022. 4 minute Read

Currently, almost every company/Instuitions have a virtual webinar session presented by various intellects or industrial leaders who contribute immensely to a great virtual webinar session.

It’s a great learning experience for all.

Honestly, it was never this easy to get in touch with various industrial leaders with so much to give in those 45-minute virtual webinar sessions.

Initially, it was challenging to manage all these virtual webinar sessions. Still, over time, we have nailed how to conduct a virtual webinar session free from those various audio-video glitches and have somewhat understood how to manage multiple visitors during zoom sessions.

One has to understand that if you are part of any virtual webinar session, it’s not only about being inside the rectangular frame with disabled mic and video options. There is more to it.

So we dug deeper and covered you with eight dos and don’ts of every webinar session.

1. People, Please stop Hustling to chase the badge of Honour; It never Helped Anyone.

People, Please stop Hustling to chase the badge of Honour; It never Helped Anyone.

Hustle bustle may be the new mantra of Today’s world, but there are consequences. It lowers your self-esteem.

We must understand that “Your life, your rules” is the secret to a happy life unless it affects someone’s Life physically and mentally. One should explore everything at a steady pace and, importantly, of your own will.

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2. Spotify is the New MTV for India, And We Love That

From binge listening to MTV on TV to curated playlists on Spotify, Spotify has become the Go-To app for most Gen Z and Millenials to hear music on the go, of any genre, artist, and era, notably from any corner of the world. Moreover, it includes podcasts.

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And then what you choose eventually gets transpired to the world.

3. IQOO 9T with Qualcomm snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset was Launched Today. Know More about this Amazing Smartphone

IQOO 9T, a subsidiary brand of Vivo, has launched its latest flagship smartphone in India. And ever since then, it has been trending on Twitter. 

But What makes IQOO 9T so special?

IQOO 9T is a smartphone generated by the Qualcomm snapdragon 8 gen 1 chipset and camps in a full HD+ display. And this phone runs Android 12; not only that the company has announced that it will provide its customers with three years of android OS updates, but it also has promised four years of security updates. 

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4. Read What Happens in the World of Digital Metaverse.

Metaverse has engulfed us in its world of digital verse. Every social media app has adopted the ‘Avatar’ feature for the user as the first step of the metaverse revolution, and there’s more to come. In no time, we’ll see ourselves in the 3D scenarios we thought nearly impossible not more than a decade ago.

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5. Learn the Influence of Anchoring Effect on Decision Making

In this article, the author explains the ‘Anchoring effect’ and how it affects our daily decisions or opinions about certain things starting from our social media followers to your home appliances.

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6. 8 Mistakes that every Small Business Makes while Writing Content

If you believe in Marketing, you also understand how Good Content is a great way to convince your buyer to buy your product or services.

But why do we Need Content Marketing?

The essential purpose of content writing is to create and share Content to engage, acquire your audience, and retain your existing ones.

In business, we all solve problems and have a particular niche. So, we all need a good content strategy.

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7. Are you struggling to Create Great Design? Read a complete Guide for your Social Media Design that Works.

Everybody wants to design creative and engaging stuff, especially for their social media platforms, which are excellent marketing Platforms for generating leads, creating engagement, and spreading word of mouth about your enterprise.

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8. This is How We Feel as Indian Living in Dubai.

U.A.E. has a population of 10 million, which is 39 times less than that of India but is still more economically developed.

We, all fellow Indians living in Dubai, felt that it wasn’t just the skyscrapers, famous malls, or even the gold market; what attracted people the most was the city’s unique culture.

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9. 5 Reasons Why You Should Have a Regular Workout Regime

A regular workout regimen has many exceptional benefits that are hard to ignore. If you aren’t moving enough, what are you up to in Life?

A sedentary lifestyle is one of the current generation’s most significant problems. We are so much into our work that neither we are moving enough nor being mindful about our step counts, despite owning all those fancy gadgets.

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10. Learn 8 ways to Grow your Finances if You aren't Saving Enough.

Everything has a cost, from a cup of tea to your Starbucks coffee, even a down payment for a home. You’ll land in debt if you aren’t saving enough, especially if you are an adulting teenager.

But there are ten ways to level up your financial growth.

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11. 6 Things that Make Your Social Media Post Interesting

Social Media is quite a thing these days. It not only truly fixes your marketing Campaigns but also generates greater engagement on your social media post and websites. 

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12. Nine Dating Etiquettes that Everyone must Know in Life

When you are on a Date, it is essential to have certain dating etiquette. Read More to Learn More

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13. 6 Things You Can Do To Increase Your Memory

Mnemonics can be very useful as a memory aid. But before putting a Mnemonic into practice, one has to know which Mnemonic will be suitable for the Content they want to recall.

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14. Are You Trying To Find Ways to Get Higher Returns On Your Investments? We Got You Covered

Returns in long-term investments can decide if you can holiday in Shimla or Hawaii, Or you would drive an SUV or an Alto.

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15. If You Are Chasing Those Miles, Learn How To Be A Half-Marathon Runner from Pragyan

Pragyan shares her life experience as she speaks about her transformation journey from just a runner to a marathon runner.

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16. 8 Dos and Don'ts of Virtual Webinar Sessions

From webinar sessions, we interact with so many like-minded people in that screen space that it is quite an experience for all.

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17. Five Plants that You Need to have for your Kitchen Garden ASAP

Having daily use herbs in your kitchen garden helps a lot. Following is the list of five plants for your kitchen garden.

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