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Learn to embrace Positive Thinking if the world is haunting, armed with all the Pessimistic Thoughts.


Divya Bhatia
September 14, 2022. 4 minute Read

When the world comes haunting, armed with all the pessimistic thoughts, the power to think Positively can propel you to a win against them. And so we say cheers to Positive Thinking Day.


Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.


So, if you find yourself stuck, surrounded by misery and anguish, remember to think positive, and all shall vanish. From meditation to visualization, many different options exist to start being a positive thinker. Take a few moments to think about the positives. Remember, positive thoughts don’t have to be extreme wins. They can be small ones as well. But still, some of us are overthinkers. Sometimes we overthink a lot but slowing down once in a while and appreciating things doesn’t hurt; it will enlighten and motivate you even more. Remember, anxiety has adverse health effects and ruins your skincare, ladies and gentlemen! Nonetheless, a smile goes a long way. Baby steps, as they say!

Even in the 5th verse from Chapter VI in Bhagwat Gita, which says,

“Udhretatma Atmanam na ca atmanam avsaadyet
Atma ev hi atmnorbandh
u atmaev ripuratmana.”

Bhagwat Gita

Lord Krishna, said love yourself. Don’t hurt/curse/ say anything wrong about yourself. You become your friend only when you start loving yourself. If you stay depressed, nobody can uplift you from any situation unless and until you want to get lifted from that.

Why is Positive Thinking Essential

  • Positive thinking and its effect is not a myth but an actual power for our emotional well-being and mental health. 
  • Positive thinking does decrease the risk of heart diseases, reduces anxiety and stress but most importantly, keeps you always cheerful and smiling. 
  • It is easy to be positive when happy. It’s tough to be positive when there’s no happiness. But for those who remain positive constantly during hardships, extreme happiness awaits. 


Some great personalities, such as Christiano Ronaldo, William Sisters, and Cardi B, come from impoverished backgrounds. Still, they have risen to unimaginable levels because of their correct attitude and hard work. They kept learning things. Be it the value of money, the value of time, the value of trust, or the value of constant hard work.

But we all need a break, no matter how big a personality you are at present. Even great sportspeople like Virat Kohli need a break from cricket. Thinking Positive and working hard is good. But one should never ignore it at times; it is unhealthy to push yourself beyond a limit that may challenge your mental strength. 

Final Thoughts

Think Positive and Think Great things no matter how challenging Life is. You won’t be able to rewind the precious years you lost due to negativity overnight, but with some practice and optimism, you can learn how to approach things with a more positive perspective. Most importantly, seeking help is not selfish. Always remember that.

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