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Love it! Or Hate it! We know How Irresistible These Food Vlogs Are

The One Liner

February 23, 2022. 3 minute Read

There is something about these Food Vlogs, no matter how bad their food may taste, but you can’t simply ignore watching these Food Vlogs anyway.

YouTube, Facebook, Instagram all know what you are watching and what you aren’t, so basically, you are just one click away from that floodgate of many cooking videos.

So, What is Good About These Food Vlogs?

At least now I know how to make perfect crème mushroom Pasta, chicken tandoori, an excellent wholesome biryani, chicken 65, etc.

We also found a new way to kill boredom by scrolling and drooling over those cooking videos.

But What is Terrible about those Food Vlogs?

First and foremost, being a constant victim of their bad food recipes, which the Youtubers have apparently, invented or discovered. The very fact about their food is that they only look good in videos but tastes terrible in real life.

And it doesn’t end here. At times, we know the recipe. We know what he will end up doing in the end. But we still end up watching it anyway.

What is questionable is how marinating Fish with Lemon, salt, chilly red powder, and Turmeric can change the entire dish’s name as Afghani Fish Curry when you add the same fish to the basic curry, which every Indian household consumes every day.

But How Food Vlogging is Changing Lives?

It’s good that Indians are watching something very creative these days. For example, in the first lockdown, everyone’s status update was flooded with “How to make and bake an easy cupcake using Oreo” to “Dalgona coffee.” And obviously, the list is long. Currently, making “chilly garlic cheese Maggi cooked in hot oil” is trending on Instagram.

What is good about these videos is that they look very aesthetic, but what is terrible is: I can see that Maggi is overcooked. And well, adding garlic and masala in hot oil is a vast Case study above all. But still, I watch them over and over again.

But other good things that happened is now India knows how to cook Continental, Mexican, Chinese, Bake Cakes, etc. Even complicated homemade samosas, Pav Bhaaji, found their way on Indian dinner tables thanks to Food Vlogs and recipes which you can find easily online.

Now, if you are a Food entrepreneur, you would hunt for influencers into food blogging. And yes, there are many to support you.

Many famous chefs like Sanjeev Kapoor and Ranveer Brar are now selling recipe books to crockeries to food processors because of their vast popularity. Especially, Sanjeev Kapoor’s Wonderchef electronic devices are something that you will find in every Indian household.

Now the Exciting Part is How he Sold them?

In every Videocon D2H connection, a primary channel runs ads to sell many electronic devices and much more. And in one of those ads, charismatic Sanjeev Kapoor cooks food very passionately using Wonderchef Electronic devices. Those ads are so engaging that it is too hard to ignore, and you end up buying those devices anyway.

Final Thoughts

Well, You don’t need to go on a survey to ask people how food vlogs have changed their lives. Love it! Or Hate it! We all know how irresistible these Food vlogs are.

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