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6 Things that Make Your Social Media Post Interesting

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August27, 2022. 3 minute Read

Social Media is quite a thing these days. It not only truly fixes your marketing Campaigns but also generates greater engagement on your social media post and then websites. 

So what works and what doesn’t? 

Because social media platforms indeed help us to reach as many people as we can. It not only generates leads but also solidifies your stand on your purpose. 

Like I follow Neil Patel a lot for my SEO-related stuff. But I can’t get into his website every day and check what he is trying to say, so following him on Social Media is easy. I watch his videos and social media posts on LinkedIn, which helps me gather knowledge for my SEO.  

So what we are trying to say is a social media post strongly influences how we are trying to pitch our sales and services. 

And since it has been quite long, we have figured out that six things help make your social media post Interesting.

1. Focus on Problem Statement

6 Things that Make Your Social Media Post Interesting

We all need Swiggy because food ordering was never this easier. We moved to a Laptop because we can’t take PCs everywhere.

Similarly, your ads, articles, and services should always solve a pain point/ real problems. Else, nobody would care to even go through your social media posts.

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2. Solve their Pain Point

6 Things that Make Your Social Media Post Interesting

Articles generate massive traffic if something is solving their pain point. Suppose breakfast is a problem; you hop around restaurants or joints that solve your breakfast problems.

Similarly, whatever social media’s post purpose may be, they must always solve their pain points by suggesting possible things that can make their life easier and saves time.

3. Create Creative Social Media Post

Some people use the same template over and over again. Now is it a problem? No, it isn’t. Because over time, that becomes their consistency factor, which differentiates them from the rest, saves time, and leads to greater productiveness.

Your social media post should be so creative and relatable that people will get attracted to it anyway. And this helps to create more significant engagement.

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6 Things that Make Your Social Media Post Interesting
6 Things that Make Your Social Media Post Interesting

4. Know Your Target Audience

From company to company, the target audience is different. And the language they speak is also different.

So write things in a way that connects the audience. Like GenZ speaks a different language, and so do Millenials. Write the language that hits them hard.

6 Things that Make Your Social Media Post Interesting

5. You must Copywrite Your Title

Once you know your target audience and pain points, draft it with a solution and Copywrite your title accordingly. It is enough to generate greater engagement among your audience.

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6. Have headings that are not Robotic

Since people often scroll stuff these days, it is essential to catch their attention with the heading that communicates with them and catches your reader’s attention well.

Having a good heading is very important.


Final Thoughts

Your social media has a lot to do with your sales and marketing. So if you are not putting enough effort, the reach becomes Limited.

And social media platforms are those platforms where people are, so why not create content on social media that connects with millions?

Though Social Media Algothims are something that may annoy you, that doesn’t mean it’s not worth giving a shot.

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