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8 Dos and Don’ts of Virtual Webinar Sessions

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July 14, 2022. 3 minute Read

Currently, almost every company/Instuitions have a virtual webinar session presented by various intellects or industrial leaders who contribute immensely to a great virtual webinar session.

It’s a great learning experience for all.

Honestly, it was never this easy to get in touch with various industrial leaders with so much to give in those 45-minute virtual webinar sessions.

Initially, it was challenging to manage all these virtual webinar sessions. Still, over time, we have nailed how to conduct a virtual webinar session free from those various audio-video glitches and have somewhat understood how to manage multiple visitors during zoom sessions.

One has to understand that if you are part of any virtual webinar session, it’s not only about being inside the rectangular frame with disabled mic and video options. There is more to it.

So we dug deeper and covered you with eight dos and don’ts of every webinar session.

1. Have a Good Internet Connection

8 Dos and Don’ts of Virtual Webinar Sessions

First and foremost, have a good internet connection. It’s a terrible experience for everyone in that screen space if you don’t have a good internet connection.

Yes, there will be a situation when you suddenly have an unstable network condition, but be always apologetic to the speaker.

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2. Be on Time

8 Dos and Don’ts of Virtual Webinar Sessions

We Indians are never on time.

You miss out on “A brief introduction of the speaker,” which gives you a brief idea about what the speaker can address in the following 45-minute virtual webinar session. They always have a story to tell with so much value in it.

Nobody realizes it, but it is essential to be on time for every webinar session. Otherwise, you feel detached and don’t understand where this virtual webinar session is heading if you are late to any virtual webinar.

3. Always Know the Theme of the Webinar Session

Webinar Session

One has clarity in their head about what that webinar would be about in those 45-minute virtual webinar sessions.

If you know the theme, you can prepare the question you want to ask the speaker in that webinar session when given an opportunity. One must use the platform to clear most of your doubts from all these presenters, who usually have answers to your questions.

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4. Enable Your Video Option

8 Dos and Don’ts of Virtual Webinar Sessions

Have you ever been to any virtual webinar session where the speaker has disabled his video option, and slowly and suddenly, you have lost all your interest in that session?

It also happens with the speaker, where they lose interest if you aren’t presentable enough and do not interact well with the enabled video option. It almost feels like one is talking to black walls with letters in those many circles.

If you enable the video option, the speaker knows at least with whom he is talking and how he is as a person; hence, it doesn’t drop their interest level in that virtual webinar session.

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