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Beat the Boredom of 9-6 Job and Learn these Six Freelancing Skills Now.

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October 30, 2021. 4 minute Read

Beat the Boredom of 9-6 Job and Learn More About Freelancing in India

Are you aware that the 33 percent of freelance workers in the world are from India? Also, the most valued freelancer skills are Digital Marketing, Online Tutoring, and Financial Consultant.

So what is Freelancing all about?

Freelancing is a short-term delivery of a project by a freelancer where their clients pay them per day or hour as per the project assigned. 

Looking at how the digital ecosystem has grown, it was never this easy for many to acquire skills from platforms like Udemy, Skillshare to name a few. And further you can monetize the talent from platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, to name a few. There are many agencies, individuals who solely get work through these online freelancing platforms. Due to mobile wallet payment systems such as Google pay (Gpay), Paytm, Phone pe, payment transactions have become easier and convenient. All you need is a bank account number, good internet, and a mobile phone. Well, it’s that easy these days!

Parents in India being very conservative and protective by nature, many kids are not allowed to do part-time jobs in cafes and restaurants. But by doing freelancing, college students can fund their education, tuition fees or earn some pocket money and beat financial difficulties in a dignified way.Even many start-ups initially use these platforms to get their work done as it is quite reasonable and also because they get an access to wide pool of service providers. 

So What All You Can do?

1. Graphic Designing

You can be a graphic designer who designs logos, character sketches, 2d flat illustrations for your clients. And for that, many tools are available for free online. One of them is Inkscape. But it is always advisable to use illustration tools like Canva that produce sophisticated illustrations which is appealing to everyone.

2. Be a Website Developer

You can also be a website developer who designs, maintains, and optimizes a client’s website. Creating a website is easy in case you are well versed with coding. You can even make a website using elementor and other free plugins without any prior knowledge of coding.

3. Write Articles

If you are a good writer, you can write technical papers, blogs, ads and so much more for your clients. You may use Grammarly which is partially free to use and often comes with good suggestions.

4. Be a Proof-Reader

If you are a good writer, you can write technical papers, blogs, ads and so much more for your clients. You may use Grammarly which is partially free to use and often comes with good suggestions.

5. Nail the Ranking by being a SEO Specialist

You can be an SEO specialist too. Ahrefs is one of the platforms to get access to google keyword phrases for any web page.

6. Digital Marketing Expert

Anyway, today the primary marketing platform of every company in the world is social networking sites. And through networking sites like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, you get organic traffic to your blogs only via hashtags. One can use these hashtags to generate traffic on your website. So, well you can even be a Digital Marketing Company  who provides useful hashtags, google keyword phrases, backlinks, etc to you clients and create good amount of traffic on their website.

So what matters?

Well, what matters is the kind of skill you have. And how confident you are about your skill and yourself. 

But as a freelancer, you have specific responsibilities as well.

1. Commitment is all

You have to stay committed and deliver quality work to your client as per the deadlines agreed upon. Sadly, some people forget this and end up getting poor ratings and negative feedback.

2. Its all about Professionalism

Many small business owners say that they don’t want to break their heads on these freelancers who lack professionalism and aren’t expert in their respective fields.

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3. Time is a thing here

As a freelancer, you have to serve your clients well. Because you have to understand that even your client have customers/clients to handle to whom they might have made several commitments.

So, just don’t take a job responsibility if you can’t stay committed to your clients.

Final Thoughts

Well, I think this new digital ecosystem has made our life so simple in multiple ways You can earn money because of the kind of skill you have. There are thousands of opportunities for all but you also have to find your motivation – your drive!

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