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Problems that Every Gen Z
is Facing Now in the Workplace.

Growing up in the aftermath of the great recession, recruiters need to understand Genz are facing these particular problems at the Workplace.

Divya Bhatia
September 14, 2022. 4 minute Read

Growing up in the aftermath of the great recession, one might think Gen z has emerged as a risk-averse, non-innovative, and certainly practical set of people who are only motivated by job security. While salary is one of the most important deciding factors while looking for a job, Gen z values salary less than any other generation. Gen z, in general, consists of very woke people (a particular group of people who are aware of racial prejudice and discrimination); for companies to appeal to this generation, they need to highlight their efforts to be good citizens. For that, companies must demonstrate their commitment toward a set of challenges like sustainability, climate change, carbon footprint, etc.

Problems that GenZ face at the Workplace.

Some have found it challenging to manage Gen z. But recruiters need to understand Genz faces these particular problems at the Workplace. Some of them are:

1. Gen-Z Loves getting Rewarded

The founder and CEO of BankingGeek, Max Benz, stated that one of the biggest challenges he has faced while managing gen z employees is helping them develop a work ethic, and they are used to being rewarded for participation rather than results.

2. Gen-Z are too Opinionated

Andrei Vasilescu, a digital marketing expert and co-founder of, noticed that managing gen z is exhausting because they lack discipline. They grew up in a virtual world where voice became their IdentityOn the other hand, people earlier had to ‘earn’ the right to give their opinion, which is challenging to deal with when you have different upbringings. People might think that Gen z has an  ego, but that is not the case all the time; they know that stating their opinion is not a crime, and it is something essential that everyone can and must do, even in their Workplace.  

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3. Gen Z dislike being Micromanaged

Gen-Z employees demand more freedom and space while working. They tend to dislike micromanagement since it kills their breathing space. Moreover, they have various things that drive them to work, which is difficult to find when there are many employees. 

4. Gen Zs are Fast Workers

Gen z are fast workers and don’t want to waste time learning something that seems unimportant to them at that moment. This is a good quality if you are trying to save time and focus only on what you need to, but it is a curse when looking at the bigger picture.

Final Thoughts

Every generation has some or other typical problems. What seemed easier to Gen-Z was tough for Millenials, which is always the case for every forthcoming generation. But two things that never changed are; aspirations and dreams, which have always been alike for all ages. The basic approach has always been the same that is you work hard. You fail, break but work harder, and things finally fall in place.


This is the story of all generations, so please, gen-z, don’t get stuck with flashy abbreviations. This is life; deal it with it well.

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