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Five Plants that You Need to have for your Kitchen Garden ASAP

The One Liner

January 27, 2022. 3 minute Read

Having daily use herbs in your kitchen garden helps a lot. Following is the list of five plants for your kitchen garden.

1. Mint

Mint plant is one such plant you must-have in the Kitchen-garden. Mint is known for its freshness and fragrance. Indians can’t just ignore adding mint in their dishes such as Lemon juice, Biryani, Raita, Pani-puri, etc.

Mint is a small shrub; plant it once and see how it grows. Shop Here.

2. Curry Leaves

Indians love Sambar and chutney. And curry leaves are one of these dishes’ integral parts, which is hard to ignore.

Curry leaves grow even in pots but branch out beautifully when planted in soil.

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3. Bay Leaf

Who doesn’t add a bay leaf to their curry? Since the stem is thick and roots require more soil to grow, it is advisable to use a huge pot. Regular tilling is required.

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Plants you need to have in kitchen
Plants you need to have in kitchen
Plants you need to have in kitchen

4. Lemon Grass

Lemon Grass tea helps a lot to detoxify and cleanse the whole body. And it has many other health benefits. And the best part is to plant it once, and you will see it multiplying itself around that.

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5. Annapurna

A leaf of the Annapurna plant, when added to rice, gives a beautiful fragrance to it. Just plant it once; you will see how the Annapurna plant multiplies itself around it.

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