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I am Priyadarshini Sahoo, a B. Tech in Mechanical Engineering and if there is anything that drives me, it is the desire to make a difference with a positive impact in the business world by integrating my skills and expertise, backed by my educational background. 

With the emergence of the start-up industry, I always believed that a creative idea backed with technology could make a difference. I have always been enthusiastic about everything related to technology with a quest to know more.

My keen interest in technology, creative writing, art, food, society and culture helped me to build my first start-up venture, The One-Liner. Through this venture, I aim to spread positivity and create a medium to spread awareness and knowledge to the world.

My inquisitive nature, helps me to curate ideas that are impactful and would help in making a difference to the business community and society at large. I strongly believe that learning never stops and it is a lifelong process. Having said that, as I embark on this journey of creating a positive world with my venture, it would be my pleasure to know and network with likeminded people.

So, if you agree with me, Let’s connect to make a positive impact!

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