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We organize on- demand paid Webinar that promote holistic well-being and will help you improve in different areas of life. Our Webinar covers the hottest topics in life, Money, leadership, Nutrition, and Fitness."

Know what you own, and know why you own it.

Key Speaker

Rajiv Sharma

Rajiv Sharma

Rajiv has worked for more than 15 years with Big 4 and other Multinational companies such as KPMG, …

….EY and C&W in research and consulting role. He is passionate about personal finance and stock markets. He is avid reader and researcher who enjoys sharing his learnings in the field of personal finance and capital markets.

Mind Over matter

Key Speaker


Shreedevi Kulkarni

Shreedevi Kulkarni is a counseling psychologist with expertise in adolescent counseling, child counseling, …

….and skills training. She has experience as a Psychology lecturer and believes in empowering her students through experiential learning.

WORKOUT…Because it’s another day to become BETTER!

Key Speaker

Pragyan Dash

Pragyan Dash

Pragyan Dash is an aspiring Sports Medicine specialist and USATF Coach. As a recreational runner & athlete, she wants to see herself as a fitness model…..

….As a brand ambassador for two sports brands, she believes in a cleaner and greener earth.

A great leader makes many leaders, not followers.

Many young Indians aspire to be entrepreneurs, but building a startup is tricky; you need a coach for success.

Key Speaker


Jammu Navani

He is a thought leader, passionate about learning and sharing, with an insatiable appetite for helping individuals, …

….institutions and organizations pursue “EXCELLENCE” – be the best they possibly can by the means of coaching, training & consulting.

As a professional trainer & coach he coaches leaders, entrepreneurs and executives to help them build their physical resilience, accelerate their professional & business growth and make an extra ordinary impact. He helps transform organizations in a contemporary context by helping identify and develop the next generation of great business leaders who can deal with the biggest challenges with a relentless action-oriented energy and in doing so strengthen the organization and generate social and economic value.
For corporate executives aspiring to becoming corporate leaders of tomorrow, he imparts experiential training and coaching in skills relevant to being future ready, keeping in mind the elements that characterize the turbulent and rapidly changing environment in which we operate.

He mentors and coaches budding entrepreneurs and start-ups in developing an entrepreneurial mindset, attitudes, skills and behaviours that are needed for professional and business success and empowers them to develop a value creating enterprise necessary for lasting business success.

Practice Yoga to stay Healthy and Calm.

Yoga can help build a healthy body and sound mind.

Key Speaker

Urmi Hariya

Urmi Hariya

She is a Sports Nutritionist, Dietician, and yoga therapist.

She has her Master’s in Sports Nutrition from Mumbai University. She is a certified diabetes educator, yoga instructor, and even a level 2 yoga therapist certified by the Ministry of Ayush.

A Healthy diet for healthy Living.

We lack nutritious foods in our daily Diet, but eating nutrition-rich foods is essential to stay healthy and calm

Key Speakers 1

Neeshu Saini

Neeshu Saini

She is a nutritionist, has a master’s in food and nutrition, and is a certified diabetic educator. She has six years of….

…experience in food and nutrition. Along with that, she is also working as a nutritionist consultant in a reputed company in the corporate sector

Key Speaker 2


Tanvi Sisodiya

She has five years of Diet and nutrition experience and a Holistic approach to wellness. She does food audits, …

… R&D in food recipes, and food chemical testing under govt of India; she has a Sales background with top MNCs like HUL and GSK.

Losing weight to look better and feel better

According to a recent study, one in every four people in India is facing a weight problem, and that causes a lot of health issues and insecurities.

Key Speaker

Urmi Hariya (2)

Alisha Agarwal

She is a Clinical Dietician, Certified Diabetes Educator, and founder of Confident.confident …

…I completed my specialization in Nutrition and Dietetics, and she is currently practicing through her platform after three years of experience in clinical nutrition. I believe in the gradual adoption of healthy habits. It is a part of one’s entire lifestyle, and she suggests her clients work on nourishing their whole body with complete nutrients in the correct quantity because our body is not all about weight loss or weight gain.

Winning the war against diabetes

According to a study, India has the second highest number of diabetic patients globally, but we must find a way to defeat diabetes and live a happy and healthy life.

Key Speaker


Harakh Baxi

She is the founder of ‘Lettuce Eat with Harakh.’ She is a Clinical Dietitian, Consulting Nutritionist, and Diabetes

Educator. She is a visiting consulting Nutritionist at a Diabetes center and a heart disease center.
Her main motto is to educate people regarding the importance of food. Starving and not eating for weight loss is the easiest and most famous way. But it always comes with a price. So she suggests her clients eat well and then lose or manage weight. Creating lifestyle changes and not temporary fixes is essential.

Spiritualism is the key to a balanced life.

In the modern world rat race, you need to take the shelter of spiritualism to stay happy and optimistic irrespective of the living conditions.

Key Speaker

Vishal Gupta

Vishal Gupta

He is the founder of the Sochkholo Foundation and works as a Leadership, Relationship, and Spiritual Coach. The base of …

… all his work is Spirituality. He strongly believes that all problems in life occurs because of lack of understanding of self. If a person doesn’t understand self and is not aware of the working of mind at a deeper level, life’s challenges cannot be solved at the root level. He practices Vipassana meditation. He has greatly benefited from teachings of Jiddu Krishnamurti, Acharya Prashant and Hasnain Waris.

A Healthy Diet for Healthy Child

If you invest in early childhood nutrition, the compounding effect is enormously gratifying because the returns are pretty high.

Key Speaker

Shilpa Mittal

Shilpa Mittal

She is a Nutritionist with a merit rank and has done her Master’s in Food Science and Nutrition. She is also a….

….certified diabetes educator, pediatric nutritionist, and onco nutritionist. Founder of Shilpsnutrilife, i.e., Diet and lifestyle makeover Winner of “Nutritionist of the year” Skilled award professional with greater than 23 years of experience having two clinics in Mumbai, one at Borivali and other at Malad, also does online consultation. She has helped clients with weight loss, gain, BP, diabetes, thyroid, Pcod, cancer, and kids manage obesity. Instead of suggesting pills or powder, she gets them permanent solutions through a natural customized Diet, be it illness or wellness.

She has done theme-based corporate workshops and school wellness programs. She is one of the first nutritionists in India to have an android app, “shilpsnutrilife,” for educative purposes.

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