Nine Dating Etiquettes that Everyone must Know in Life

By The One Liner

Be on time

We Indians are never on time. 


Be less on Mobile phones.

Companies have to develop strict measures and ban work after a specific time. Because these days people are either attending the meeting or answering bosses on call. 


Do Not ask girls how to dress.

Clothes are women's best friends. Do not ask a girl what to dress and what not. Either change the way you look at things or don't date those girls. 


Make them feel comfortable.

Girls hate a guy who makes them feel uncomfortable. So be aware of the consequences. You may either get blocklisted or may get ignored forever in the process.  


Take your date where they think and find themselves comfortable.

Not a party animal, don't invite them to Pub or push them to have alcohol. 


Do not flaunt your stuff.

Some don't care if you own a  Mercedes, BMW, or Lamborghini. If you have it, it will reflect anyway.


No endless Gossip

Who did what? Who cares? By doing this, you only expose yourself; it's better to have a more meaningful conversation.


No third Person, Please

Why? Why are you trying to spoil your date by inviting your friend to a dinner date with your boyfriend/girlfriend  ? 


Have a great conversation

A long deep, engaging conversation always makes people more satisfied. It makes people more happy. Have a great long conversation today. 


Drink less and  Eat more

I hope a situation doesn't arrive where you are not even in your sense. 



February 14, 2020

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