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People, Please stop Hustling o chase the badge of Honour; It never Helped Anyone

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July 28, 2022. 4 minute Read

People, Please stop Hustling to chase the badge of Honour; It never Helped Anyone.
Is this badge of honor even necessary? Or we should say that “People, please! Stop hustling. There is some group of people who will always have something to complain about.” Recently, my mother had a brief conversation with some of her friends and said, “I am glad my daughter is married and has a baby, while there are many around her age who aren’t married yet.” Specific comments may hurt you, but you can also react to them: “I don’t care; I will marry when I have to or when I find someone.” We get you, and we know getting overwhelmed is easy these days because of our lousy lifestyle.  So we thought to share some ideas on how to deal with the situation better. 

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1. People, Please understand that "Being Average is Normal."

People, please, you need to realize that IIT/IIM/MBBS degrees are great, but that doesn’t mean they guarantee success. Many people don’t have degrees from famous colleges but have built brands such as Byjus, PayTM, etc. Please note: They aren’t IIT JEE rank holders but are still doing great in life.

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2. People Please, "There is no specific Path to success in Life; it varies from person to person."

People, please, you need to understand the logic like “if you crack this/that, happiness is guaranteed, and you will always be successful in life.” Well, it’s a myth; specific theories don’t exist at all. 

Well, people, you need to understand there is no specific path to success. Instead, Successful people are individuals with grand plans and excellent execution strategies. 

3. People, Please understand "There is the same group who will have different expectations at various periods."

his is crucial; people, please, you need to understand these are the same group of people who expected exceptional performance in school/colleges.

These are the same group of people who expected you to have a job with greater digits, and these are the same group of people who would inspect with whom you got married and what is the background of your life partners.

So people, please understand these are the same group who will keep searching for your badge of honors.

4. People Please, "Stop Chasing Money and Do Great Work."

People often with degrees from great Universities have a great start with excellent salaries in huge companies. But some didn’t have a great start, but by consistently working harder, they eventually got opportunities with different leadership roles and excellent salaries. Remember, consistency and hard work always pay off.

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Final Thoughts

People, Please understand that chasing badges of honor only to please society is not an excellent idea, and neither does it brings any success in life. 

By the way, there is no single formula to be successful in life. But what matters are your beliefs, your aspirations, and if you are happy or not. 

So people, please, stop Hustling to earn the badge of Honour; It is tempting yet Exhausting, so better get some life. 

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