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Big Minds Embrace Positive Stress: The Psychological Benefits Of Embracing Eustress

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Big Minds Embrace Positive Stress: The Psychological Benefits Of Embracing Eustress

Recall your adventure-filled roller coaster ride and relive the moments in your imagination to feel the emotions you experienced. 

Did your heart pound with anticipation and a mix of excitement? Did nervousness fill the air? This exhilarating rush that comes with an adventure, pushing one’s limits and embracing positive challenges of life lead to the experience of eustress, a motivation to accomplish all your dreams. 


In this article, you will explore the rush of energy that makes us alive in the form of eustress and discover the psychological benefits of embracing eustress.

What is eustress?

Eustress can be defined as the positive stress that is beneficial for an individual. It is unlike the normal distress that causes a negative impact over one’s mind and body. It is simply the opposite of normal psychological stress.


Why must we embrace eustress?

1.Touch the heights of motivation and get rid of boredom

Eustress is a fuelling agent that drives our work spirit and highly motivates us by igniting our inner strength and power. It helps us focus on our prioritized tasks, keeping us engaged and breaking us off from boredom.

For example, you will work harder to remain consistent and achieve even better if you desire success. During this journey, eustress acts as a factor that drives the high spirit and motivation to not stop.

2. Boost your performance level!

Eustress sets us to work with our best potential. It acts as a secret weapon that boosts productivity, enthusiasm, and concentration. Thus, it provides an extra edge to us for making an impact through enhanced performance.

For example, You got your first increment after your sincere dedication towards monthly projects is observed and tracked. So the impact of eustress will make you work with your improved version of hard work that directly results in a boost of your performance level.

3. Foster personal growth

Self growth is essential to embark on a journey of success. Eustress pushes us out of our comfort zone and expands our limits. It helps us to grow on an intrapersonal level and enhance our capabilities.

For example, You have a habit to follow others in a group project but not lead. Once you start to realize your true potential by regular performance and positive feedback, you grow as an individual and eustress helps you to push your limits and achieve better. 

Hence, you start to attain leadership qualities.

4. Get a New Job, Enjoy Vacation, and Your Hobbies!

Eustress helps us to achieve a stronger relationship with different organizational factors such as management commitment, work ethics and active participation; and hence, it fosters an amazing work balance.

It helps us to stay motivated and expand our limits to learn new skills, face thrilling challenges, and incorporate best work abilities within us. Hence, one could begin a new job with the best eager beaver spirit.

Having eustress can fill us with good energy and makes us excited due to an adrenaline spike that propels us forward in life. That is why wellness experts often recommend traveling to rejuvenate your body and mind.

Learning a new hobby is a great way to trigger eustress. It helps us to expand the horizon of our understanding and imagination. It helps us to enhance our adaptability and flexibility skills; hence, learning a new hobby is a great way of inviting eustress in your life.

5. Improve our levels of resilience!

Gallup’s Global 2022 Workplace Report cites that 44% of people surveyed across the world experience significant workplace stress on a daily basis.

In today’s time, work stress is common and also a known factor for occupational burnout, depression, anxiety and suicide. Hence, it is crucial to adopt the ability of being resilient. 

Eustress helps us to achieve a strong foundation to build resilience and get the motivation to face every type of problem in life and rise up from all adverse situations.

6. Ignite the sense of accomplishment

Let your happy hormones come into action! Learn the magic of dopamine!

Eustress improves the personal and social competency that makes one proactive and alert. While one feels happy, pleasurable or rewarding, then dopamine comes into action which is responsible for all such feelings. It is popularly known as the happy hormone. 

Hence, it works in a positive direction by boosting one’s trust on self and personal achievements. It sparks the spirit of motivation and makes one experience a sense of accomplishment or pride.

7. Achieve more by getting out of comfort zone

Eustress shapes our perspective in a way that creates an unstoppable journey for us. It makes us understand how essential it is to not rely on just one thing in life and shift focus towards multiple goals.

For example, if our Plan A fails but we already have a Plan B in our hand, despite it being difficult, we will continue to choose it due to our previous failure. Hence, it increases the level of motivation to achieve more in life and not get stuck in a vicious cycle of no path to explore. 

Thus, it curates a path to push your limits and climb the ladder of success through stepping out of your comfort zone.

Final Thoughts

Feeling a rush of energy? Embrace it!

Eustress is an amazing source for our self motivation. It helps you to ace your exams, perform best at the workplace and create wonders! It highlights the positive side of stress and builds strength, courage and enthusiasm to take decisions and start new things in life.

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