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The boredom beam: why is being boring the new cool?

“It’s so boring!” Did your mind say this to you?

We all have experienced this feeling and situation. We all go through a period of boredom at some point in life. And it is not necessarily linked to sadness or poor mental health. 

But did you ever think that this boredom can be a great measure to learn and explore? 

When I was bored last time, I started exploring something new and exciting! I started working harder. 

You may, too, discover something exciting.


In this article, let’s explore the positive side of boredom. Let’s discover how it helps us to delve deeper into life, find solutions, get productive outcomes, and achieve peace and mindfulness in this hectic and busy world.

Come! Know to go with Flow!

How being bored and getting stuck in boredom helps us?

1. A chance to look inside you

Boredom is that period of life which might make you feel stuck but actually it helps us to give time to ourselves. It gives us a peaceful time period to introspect and curate our life plans and decisions by prioritizing oneself. It helps us to know more about our hidden skills and interests.

For example, long summer holidays can make a child bored and be a cause of less productivity. But, if that boredom period is utilized by the student to curate their monthly planner and introspect about one’s abilities, then the child can indulge oneself in enhancing those abilities and explore more about oneself during that journey.

2. Helps in finding solutions

When one gets bored, they tend to think about diverse things, such as career, relationships, goals, and other things related to one’s life. Such thoughts could run in either positive or negative direction and this determines how boredom will help us to fetch solutions related to our life. If a person thinks positively and uses the boredom period effectively by planning efficiently, then it truly helps to find desired solutions in life.

For example, if one gets bored while watching a movie, and desires to write one’s own script to produce a film, then it can help the person to find the solution to his/her career problems. It would open a new path of career opportunity and help to find true interest.

3. Gives Productive outcome

Boredom pushes a person to constantly locate something that serves their best interest. Hence, when one finds their desirable activity, people give their best and achieve the most productive outcome.

For example, A student going through boredom decides to complete five lessons and its revisions in a time bound manner within a week to fill the boring period of his/her life during holidays. Thus,it would help the child to achieve the best and most productive version of oneself.

4. A chance to get rid of unwanted things

When a person starts to explore a variety of things to get relief from boredom, it helps to terminate the unnecessary and unwanted tasks of one’s life. Hence, it saves time and efforts of a person.

For example, when a bored person starts to plot the major tasks to complete in a day to get out of boredom; it helps him/ her to get clarity and focus on important things. Significant tasks could include completion of office work, preparing a salad bowl and eliminating the three hour break which is very long and not appropriate for a proper schedule.

5. Freedom to look at world differently

Boredom helps us to delve deeper and explore the variety of things in life; hence, gives us the opportunity to alter our perspective and adopt positivity in life. One gets the freedom to determine the true meaning of life and this helps to improve their decision making.

6. Mindfulness and peace

Boredom is actually that period in life which is full of peace and serenity. It gives us peace of mind to think about life. It provides us time to meditate and achieve mindfulness; hence, one could learn to live in the present and achieve the best without fear of the future. 

7. Breaks the cycle of hectic and busy schedules

Boredom leads to exploring new things and expands one’s perspective in life. It helps one to get rid of work life stress because it provides time to practice those activities in life which gives us happiness and joy.

For example, a person who gets bored because of continuous job days can take leave and enjoy a peaceful and joyful period by going on a picnic with family.

Final Thoughts

Boredom is exploding! Go make use of it!

Learning the art to make use of something and getting the best outcome is a great skill. Boredom provides us with this opportunity. Being bored is common to all of us but the way we utilize the time of this boredom period determines whether it’s useful to us or not. Thus, let’s explore and take wise actions and make our boredom period cool! 

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