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We have a Plan, and We Know Your Future is Great

Priyadarshini Sahoo & Shreedevi Kulkarni

October 31, 2021. 4 minute Read

Does Past, Present, and Future sound tough? But, our actions and reactions do get affected by them

But Why Do We Live in the Past?

There are two tales of the Past; one is Good, and the other one is Bad. 

First, the Bad Part may be because of our Past Failures, which relentlessly make us feel uncomfortable that we may lose again. Perhaps, we are overthinking way too much. Maybe, we are Scared that what happened in the past will happen again in the future. These are bad memories; so why deal with them in the Present? 

Now the Good Part. Look at the brighter side, where past successes and uncountable good memories motivate us to do something good in life. They keep encouraging us to chase greatness. So Why not recall those memories, study what worked and what didn’t, and make plans for the fantastic future ahead?

Create Thoughts that Matter the Most

One has to understand that the thoughts and the vibration you create does matter a lot. It affects the way we conduct ourselves in a society. Above all, it affects our peace of mind.If our thoughts become negative, we start cultivating negative emotions and radiate negativity which is not suitable for anyone. Believe me, It’s not a good thing in the long run.  Psychologists say that, People often stick to the past when their emotions are unaddressed and unresolved in their past incidents, leading to negativity. Being stuck in the past can narrow our perspective about life. But by being aware of things, we can deal with the situation in a better way. The key here is, to let go the past and accept the present.  One of the best ways to heal from emotional pain is to learn lessons from the incidents that happen with us and around us and use them for self-growth.

We have a Plan, and We Know Your Future is Great

So What We Can Do?

1. Be Kind to Yourself

It’s common for individuals to blame themselves and be harsh due to past traumatic incidents. Self- Love and Being Kind to Oneself can add a new spark to your life.

2. Love All and Never Expect An Apology From Other Person

Expecting the other person who has hurt you to apologize is like an obstacle in the process of letting go. Experts say that Forgiving can be a healthy Practice and help in healing emotionally.

3. Learning From Your Experiences

By learning the Positives and Getting Insights from Past Experiences, one can know what makes them happy and work towards it.

Final Thoughts

Every individual has a past, a mixed bag of success and failures. Ratan Tata’s Tata Nano failed in India, but what an achievement it was when he acquired Jaguar Land Rover businesses from Ford Motor Company.  Once you start evaluating logically about your thoughts, you become more optimistic about your present. Then you start making great plans for your fantastic future ahead.  Throw away your harsh memories. They do nothing good. Look around yourself, how beautiful it is. Take good care of your health. Eat fresh, drink adequate fresh water and enjoy the company of your loved ones. No matter how difficult one’s Past was, you can still have a better tomorrow by only working on your Present. Learn from the past. Stay in the present.And think how fantastic your future will be ahead. All these can help you live a good life and prosper further as this is just the beginning.

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