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Parenting Is Easy, But It Is You Who Is Making It Complicated

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October 23, 2021. 4 minute Read

Parenting Is Easy, But It Is You Who Is Making It Complicated


Mrs. M, a working mother of three, shares her journey that encompasses her struggle of conceiving a child to raising her three kids. She highlights how kids learn through observations and adapt to their surroundings.   

Aren’t we fortunate enough to live in this current civilization where women are immensely busy contributing to the world, breaking so many stereotypes? Also, at the same time, they are trying to do what they can do best for their kids as a mother. Indeed, Motherhood is such a phenomenal experience; a privilege that is enjoyed only by a selected few.

Things have changed

But, things have changed today – both, on professional as well as personal front. So, we requested  Mrs. M to share her experience on motherhood. She is a Business Developer in a Corporate Sector in India. Although a workaholic, she strikes a fine balance between her work and her responsibilities as a mother.

Motherhood completes a woman

And she says that Motherhood completes a woman! The bond between a mother and a child is so pure that one experiences it only once in a lifetime.

The first time when I was pregnant with my first kid, I was literally on cloud nine as I couldn’t conceive for almost two years. So the feeling was surreal and I was ecstatic!

My First Child

Parenting Is Easy, But It Is You Who Is Making It Complicated

It was 5th April 2013, when my son was born. Everything looked so perfect. But still, I went through postpartum depression. Not many talks about this, but even the most minor thing would bother me and would make me sad and depressed.

Things changed post-maternity leave.

My husband and I became too busy with our work schedule. My son is a happy and loving child but very hyperactive and cranky at times.  On the verge of achieving our career goals and to keep our son engaged, we allowed our son to use smartphone. And within no time, he got addicted to it. We take the onus for not being too strict and disciplined with the screen watch time.

Twins in house

In 2019, I was blessed with cute twin daughters. But this time, I didn’t let anyone control my mind, and this time I started with “no mobile policy” for my daughters.

Parenting Is Easy, But It Is You Who Is Making It Complicated

Kids adapt from what they see around them

I am a trained classical singer and so took that passion beyond by doing riyaz every morning. As days passed, I noticed that my daughters were enjoying singing too. To my surprise, they used to sing along just by observing me every day. It was overwhelming! As they say, a child’s behavior is a reflection of what they see and feel around them. But still, every kid is different. What works with one, doesn’t mean will work with all.

A child needs love, affection, attention, and care. We, as parents must do anything and everything to make them good human beings. We need to give them the wings to fly and shape their dreams. But in the bargain, don’t forget to discipline them at the right age. So, this is it. Signing off and Lets’ make a difference.

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