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10 Life Lessons from ‘The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck’

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Priyadarshini Sahoo

October 11, 2021. 4 minute Read

‘The subtle art of not giving a fu*k’  is a book written by Mark Mason and it enlights the readers on ten points that certainly matter the most in life.

Following are the list of ten important life lessons that I learned from  ‘The subtle art of not giving a f*ck.

1. Be Honest to Yourself

You may have failed thousand times in your life, but when you start accepting yourself with total honesty, nothing can stop you from getting successful in life. It doesn’t matter what kind of person you are, but your honesty matters the most.

2. Happiness is a Problem

Dissatisfaction and pain are inevitable in life. As humans, suffering is biologically useful. As long as we aren’t in pain, we don’t understand what our limits are. Research suggests that there is no difference between physical pain and emotional pain.  But what we can hope for is good problems. Happiness is something that only comes from solving problems that is good in nature. And one gets success only by solving those good problems.

3. Confidence is Reasonable But Overconfidence is Not

Being just an average person is not so typical these days. Exceptionalism has been mass-marketed in social media to the extent that many people find it difficult to accept themselves as an average person. Social media has accelerated people’s sense of entitlement more than ever that some are too overconfident about what they are doing without even analysing the background.

10 Life Lessons from ‘The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck’

4. Appreciation for Life's Basic Experience

What are life’s basic experiences? Good food, some great friends, love, happy conversation, charity, helping a person in need, and laughing with someone who cares about you. That’s it.

Don’t let success go into your head. And don’t let failure throw you in the deep dark. Learn to appreciate the basic things you have in your life.

5. Pray Together To Live Together.

People who pray together live together. You subconsciously attract a life partner about whom you subconsciously dream in life. So who are those happy couples? A happy couple is a couple who often radiates good vibes, peace, and goodwill toward each other. It is no one-person show. It has to be mutual.

6. It's ‘YOU’ Who Matters

In the end, it is ‘YOU’ who matters. So, what are you doing for self-improvement? Well, self-improvement is all about choosing good values, choosing better things in life. And when we start choosing better things, we have a chance at a better life.

10 Life Lessons from ‘The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck’
10 Life Lessons from ‘The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck’

7. It Is All About the Choices ‘YOU’ Make

Every day, we go through some or other thing in our life. And we are often put in a situation where we need to choose between good and evil. But what choices we make does matter. No matter what, it is essential to choose what is good for you and vice versa.

Change is always tricky. But problems when handled well, always lead to better results in life. Trust me! They are those good problems which you will never mind having in your life.

8. Nobody Is Right All The Time; Humans are Bound to Make Mistakes

Thinking that we are right almost every time makes us dogmatic and creates a mindset of entitlement. So, what can we do? Be a seeker of knowledge. Live a life where you are constantly learning something every day.  

9. Failure Is The Pillar of Success

This is so true because we tend to celebrate success more than failure in life.

I remember Mark Zuckerberg saying that Facebook is not something he first created, so has Oprah, who tasted success only after failing so many times; they all have failed and got success later in life.

10. Commitment Is All

The best thing about being committed to something or someone is there is no distraction in the process. And staying committed doesn’t limit to your partner/spouse; but being committed to your place of work, the kind of work you do and so on.

I remember Sehwag saying he got married in his early 20s because he just wanted to stay committed to one person and have no distractions in life.

11. Acceptance is The Key

Okay! I have a scar on my face, and well, I can cover that with a foundation cream/powder or some filter.

Okay! I am fat; well, I can lose those extra inches by hitting the gym regularly.

Okay! I have anxiety and fear of losing people, so I consult my doctor, meditate, nurture hobbies, understand the neurology of thought structures, and get cured. The point is that it is all about accepting what you are afraid of; may it be rejections or your failures.

Once we understand it, life becomes brighter, the world becomes quieter, and less unconscious resistance comes from within to anything in the world.


Once we understand it, life becomes brighter, the world becomes quieter, and less unconscious resistance comes from within to anything in the world.”

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