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10 Things We Never Knew About Tripura.

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Priyadarshini Sahoo

September 14, 2022. 4 minute Read

Tripura is a landlocked north-eastern state of India. Its capital city – Agartala is in fact, one of the largest cities of northeast India. In the word Tripura, “Tui” means water, and “Pra” means near water. It is fifth largest tea producing state in the country and also produces the highest natural gas in India. 

Listed below are ten things you must know about Tripura.

1.Discover the Best Teas in the World.

Tripura has 21 tea processing factories and 2500 small tea growers producing about 8.66 million kg of tea every year. It is the fifth largest tea producing State in India It even has a noteworthy venture called “Bio-tea,” which doesn’t have any chemical residue.

2. People here are way too Literate then you Assumed

Tripura has the Highest Literacy Rate of 94.65% in India. The figure was based on the data provided by the Indian Statistical Institute that evaluated data in different evaluating centres. According to the ex-CM Manik Sarkar, in 8142 Literacy centres, 8154 teachers have worked tirelessly in reaching the goal under the aegis of the state literacy mission.

3. A Green Energy Revolution is Underway.

Natural gas produced in Tripura is available in non-toxic form with 94% methane in it. ONGC has an immense contribution in increasing the state’s revenue that usually comes out of producing Natural gas. In fact, Tripura is the highest producer of Natural Gas in India. 

4. India's Third Largest International Gateway is Ready to Serve you.

Tripura has the third largest International internet gateway in India after Mumbai and Chennai, operational in Agartala. In the long term, it will help in expanding the network with telecommunication and web and also would help to configure smart devices very quickly. 

facts about tripura

5. Agriculture is that sector which Drives the Economy Here

42% of the population of Tripura depends on agriculture and its allied activities for livelihood.

6.It’s a Diverse State with a truly Big Heart.

Well, there are 19 tribes and then there are many sub-tribes in Tripura. One-third of the state population belongs to the scheduled tribe.

7. Tripura, a land of Diverse Cultures, Languages and Festivals!

Tripura has two official languages – Kokborak and Bengali. But it is Kokborak which the Tripuri people usually speak.

8. You're shopping for Bamboo this season? We got you.

If one wants to buy bamboo shoots, one of the main ingredients of south-east Asian cuisine, it’s readily available here. It is  home to 21 species of Bamboo out 130 species of Bamboo available in India. Recently, a modern bamboo tile factory has been set up at Bodhjungnagar to boost the productive utilization of enormous reservoirs.

facts about tripura
facts about tripura

9. Have you ever seen a Rock Sculpture so Spectacular?

Amazing Artwork and Bold Design: The Rock Sculpture with Hindu Gods Has Perfection.

Unnakoti, which means one less than a crore, is a spectacular rock sculpture with Hindu gods Shiva, Parvati, and Ganesh. It is also known for its lush green surroundings.

10. The Number of Royal Palaces in the State is Truly Shocking.

Neer Mahal: The water palace was built by a former Royal Maharaja of the Tripura Kingdom, Bir Bikram Kishore Debbarma Manikya, where he started constructing in 1930 and completed it by 1938. The best thing about this palace is that it is surrounded by Rudrasagar Lake from all sides.

Final Thoughts

Tripura is a landlocked state and is connected with India with only one national highway that is NH8. It shares 84% of its border with Bangladesh.

It was only recently when Tripura received its first consignment from Kolkata seaport to Agartala via Chittagong seaport of Bangladesh and entered Tripura. This brought some hopes in business class and local people because cost-effectiveness had been a problem for the longest time. 

Gol Bazar in Tripura is considered to be one of the business hubs and most significant market in the state of Tripura.

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