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Not just a movie review: Shershaah.

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August 25, 2021. 3 minute Read

How far can you go and protect your country?

Well, I have no idea about all, but Vikram Batra did it, and that’s why he is the pride of this nation.

Late Vikram Batra is a recipient of Param Vir Chakra (posthumous), who may have lived for almost 25 years but has left a legacy that only inspires us to live, love, and fight for the nation. 

And the movie, Shershaah is such a well-written story that it is thrilling with patriotism, love, and bravery. The story is different because Vikram Batra was not just a Captain but was that charming and lovable guy who just wanted to be part of the Indian Army and serve his nation. 

But how can one talk about Vikram Batra and ignore Dimple Cheema and rest the case here?

And this brings us a question, “what is love?”

I believe Dimple Cheema has taught what love is to generations to come. I think Vikram Batra’s commitment was everything for her, and maybe that’s why Dimple Cheema didn’t marry anyone later. In fact, in the 90s, when India was transitioning to modernism, one has to applaud how bravely she faced society all these years. In one of her interviews, she says how proud she feels when people talk about how brave he was and what he did for the nation.

The movie is relatable because even today, families are just not open to love marriage. In fact, in some cases, the guy works very hard to prove his credentials only to woo the girl’s family members.

And the same time, it is incredibly disheartening because a family lost a fantastic son and a brother. One has to credit the family, his friends, and his girlfriend for being so open and having the courage to share his life stories with all.

I am sure there must be many Vikram Batra who got martyred on the battlefield at such a young age, and there must be many Dimple Cheema who must be endlessly waiting for their boyfriends to meet somewhere in a good place. We must respect them for being so strong and so wonderful. And for being fantastic and brave even post their martyrdom.

Well, Shershaah is not just a love story; Vikram Batra’s story tells how this first-generation army personnel get inspired and motivated from just a television series. He was an incredible leader, too, always leading from the front. He even sacrificed his life to save one of his team members and he is the reason we could re-capture point 4875 during the mission. The more I think, the more I wish that he should have lived a little longer for all the good people he was around.

The movie, Shershah despite its release on the OTT platform, has been well received by people in this country. Songs like Rataan lambiyaan, Ranjha, Maan Bhariya, Kabhi Tumhe are top songs in Spotify’s Top 50 playlist.

Not just a movie review: Shershaah
Not just a movie review: Shershaah

 But didn’t we realize that a film can be great only if the message is pure and the storyline is relatable? As I said, Shershaah is not just a movie; the makers and, of course, Vikram Batra have no idea how much they have just inspired the young generation. Because here, they saw how brave you need to be when you go for war or mission and how to love your people. I am sure there must be many who are already motivated to be part of this credible service. But What is just incredible is how much people in uniform sacrifice and how much they do for us. It takes a lot of courage and hard work to be just there.

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