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If your English Creative Writing is Alarming, This is for You

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September 3, 2022. 4 minute Read

English is not our first language, so we struggle greatly with it. But there are ways how we can fix this and improve our English Creative Writing Skills.

In English Creative writing, in general, one can improve how you write in any form of academic writing. It is all about using your imagination to express your ideas and put your thoughts in a way that is personal to you and is fascinating for the readers to understand. If simply put, it is about adding your own ‘knack’ to writing, breaking the norms of writing in a particular format.

I started my first English Creative writing when I was in the third standard, where we had to write a summary of something from the very famous Gulmohar Book.


In that article, I tried visualizing what is happening in nature, wrote everything I was always genuinely inspired by, and used words we would always read in poetry or while watching cartoon networks.

And lastly, I would cross-check everything I wrote via my Paternal Uncle. This is how I wrote my first content.

And these days, if you want to cross-check your content, you can always Google and Later check on your Grammarly app.

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What is English creative writing exactly?

Firstly as mentioned earlier, there are no parameters while defining creative writing; hence there is no “good piece of creative writing.” Since creative writing has a vast spectrum, there will never be a definition for the perfect piece.

Take it this way imagine comparing a romantic poem with a script of a thriller movie; both are creative writing pieces. But you can’t compare them; it would be unfair to do so because they are so different.

But we thoroughly believe that there are a few tips that one can follow to make their English Creative writing better;

If your English Creative Writing is Alarming, This is for You
If your English Creative Writing is Alarming, This is for You

What is Good English Creative

Nobody realizes it, but we affirm things by indirectly saying or thinking about things in that direction, so it is always wise to say good things for yourself and others. The power of the subconscious mind is so that you eventually become what you chose. So choose to be a person: full of joy, friendly, and lovable; it’s a deadly combination of great personality.

And then what you choose eventually gets transpired to the world.

1. Write What you are Confident About

When you write about something you already know, the readers can relate to you more and see more authenticity in your work.

2. Push your Imagination

One of the best things about creative writing is that there are no rules for writing. It is subjective to everyone. In every creative writing, you must put your imagination to a standard that will leave people to ponder stuff deeply on that.

3. Know your Audience

All fabulous Creative writing pieces know who is their target audience. Once you know who your target audience is, you can tailor your work in such a way that they can connect to it.

If your English Creative Writing is Alarming, This is for You
If your English Creative Writing is Alarming, This is for You

4. Creativity is the Key

Creativity is essential; it sets your work apart from the others. No one expects a tale about a mystical world, but you can uniquely twist it with words that stand out.

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How to Start Creative Writing

1. Read as Much as You Can

For people who write, their inspiration often comes from the works of different writers. Understanding what type of writing they feel comfortable with and what makes them satisfied is achieved after knowing what kind of pieces are out there.

2. Make a Journal

Writing a journal can help you form a writing style and unleash your inner creativity. It also builds your confidence; you can write about events that are taking place in your life and frame them in different ways to improve your writing.

If your English Creative Writing is Alarming, This is for You

3. Practice Using Literary Devices

Knowing that metaphors, similes, repetition, etc. exist is not enough one should know how to use them. They don’t just enhance your writing but also bring a lot of depth and meaning to the article. It polishes your creativity. And eventually, you find different ways to describe anything using literary devices in your creative English writing.

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Final Thoughts

If your English creative writing is at an alarming state, then bling it on! Because this is what goes into English creative writing. We hope this helped you gain some experience to improve your English Creative Writing skills.

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