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Priyadarshini Sahoo

October 31, 2021. 3 minute Read

Stacking wooden blocks is at risk in creating business growth ideas.

Consistency matters a lot. But then the question arises, what kind of consistency factor is unique to a person or organization? How good are you at that? Are you practicing enough? Do you have clarity? So what great are you doing to make your consistency matter or count?  Let’s take a few examples. 

You know that your Krusher would taste the same if you go to KFC. If you go to Dominos, Choco Lava Cake tastes the same. Similarly, every packet of Haldiram tastes the same on every purchase. And HP Laptops are often strong and durable ones. The point we are trying to make here is irrespective of what job the company is doing, we all know, based on the experiences we have had so far, that they all have one or more consistent factors. And based on that, they all have created a niche for themselves in their respective sectors. Since there is a lot of hype around the startup culture, you may eventually think having a consistent factor is only for companies. No!

Because even individually, what you are great at, does matter a lot. Sundar Pichai is no longer an individual; the name itself has become a huge brand. Indira Nooyi has done a lot of great things, even post-retirement, because of the credibility she earned while working with Pepsico. Another great example is Palki Sharma Upadhyay, who anchors Gravitas in Wion. Her impactful journalism has forced people to watch Wion. And if there is any discussion of foreign policy/ affairs in India/ for India, it’s always Palki Sharma Upadhyay anchoring those events.

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Consistency does matter a lot.

So What makes you Consistent?

1. Discipline

You need to focus on your work and show up every day, no matter how bad your sales are. Because when you show up every day, eventually, you gain customers with your constant zeal and persuasive attitude of showing up daily at work. People may not buy your stuff/idea, but they will eventually fall for it one day because you show up daily regardless of the sales/ price factor.


Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.”

Jim Rohn

2. Stick to Your Values

Every company/ individual has a set of values that is unique/ consistent. If you deviate from what you’re known for, you may eventually lose most of your customers.

3. Practice

The more you do a particular job, the more you are clear on what you are great at, which later becomes your consistency factor.

4. Spend Some Time Alone

It’s always great to have some minutes out of 24 hours where you sit alone and do the self-talk. When you spend time alone, you get great results from some minutes of self-talk sessions because your mind has subconsciously taken charge of looking for answers to your problems. And because of it, chances are high that you may get your unique value.

5. Have a Mentor

Always have a mentor in your life. Be it boyfriend, colleague, sister, teacher, husband, or friend; anybody can be your mentor. Provided: they already know things that you are now struggling with in life.

But how one becomes so Consistent?

Let’s dig deeper. Almost every car company does the same job: they manufacture cars. But they all differ in their offering to customers. For example, Maruti’s consistency factor is selling affordable cars with reliable maintenance costs. They hold almost 48.67% of the automobile market in India. But you must understand that there is also hope for other companies who can still gain customers from the remaining 51.33% available market where they can make different offerings for different customers. Mahindra and Mahindra’s consistency factor is manufacturing cars with solid engine capacity. Known chiefly for car engines, Mahindra Thar is a hot selling car in India for which people are even ready to wait for the next 6-7 months. So if someone asks you if consistency matters or not? Your answer should always be yes! Because what you do regularly later becomes one’s unique value proposition.

Final Thoughts

Consistency is the key to success and achieving greatness in life. So please pick up a job, find your consistency factor, practice, and work on it. And achieve all the greatness you desire.

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