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You Simply can't Ignore the Holistic Well-Being of an Employee at Workplace

You simply can’t Ignore the Holistic Well-being of an Employee at Workplace.

When we come across the term holistic well-being, the first thing that comes to mind is physical fitness, although these are not the only factors included in it. Well-being is a broad term with a vast spectrum that we can apply in all aspects and areas of life. And it mainly comprises the mind, body, wallet, work, and Community. It can have a different definition for everyone; one such area is the Holistic Well-being of an Employee at the Workplace. 

The well-being of employees at the Workplace is everything that is involved which improves the quality of an employee’s involvement and performance at work.

Well-being can be measured using three key dimensions; 

  1. a) Psychological Well-Being 
  2. b) Physical Well-Being. 
  3. c) Social Well-Being.

Holistic well-being holds a lot of importance since employees spend considerable time at work. A study published in the journal of occupational and environmental medicine found that participating in wellness programs can help increase the productivity of the employees. That’s why the Workplace is the perfect place to address the wellness issues of employees. 

An employee’s well-being came to light in 2020 because everyone started working from Home. 

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Reasons that Affect Holistic Well-being of Employees

1. Having No System in the Workplace

A proper Project Management System is a must for every company. It controls and coordinates work well, helps you to type less, which means you put less energy, and enables you to focus on only one platform rather than moving around here and there. 

And in case your company is small, and your monthly budget doesn’t permit you to have your own PMS System, then you can always have free tools with limited Functionalities like Click Up, where you can easily manage your work. 

2.Improper Documentation

You simply can't ignore the holistic well-being of an employee at workplace
You simply can't ignore the holistic well-being of an employee at workplace

Improper documentation of work is equally dangerous. For leaders and employees, a well document Excel Sheet or Document File enables employees to have hassle-free navigation from one point to another.

3. Insane Working Hours

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4. Too Many Calls in the same Time

A poorly designed structure of the company with no proper system and strategy at the Workplace, along with a lack of motivation and zeal in employees to deliver the work affects the total productivity of the company. The one person in charge is either busy answering calls or dialing numbers, making an employee frustrated and facing burnout simultaneously.

You simply can't ignore the holistic well-being of an employee at workplace

5. No Plan

One has to break working hours into small buckets where you decide the task that has to be assigned. A proper plan brings peace and discipline to the Workplace, and yes, you will not have to answer too many calls at the same time.

As they say,” the man with no plan always fails.”

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6. Improper Work Load Management

An individual can focus on one thing at once; if an individual starts doing everything, you end up frustrated at work, which would badly affect the company’s productivity. You can’t assign your employees two tasks at the same time.

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You simply can't ignore the holistic well-being of an employee at workplace
You simply can't ignore the holistic well-being of an employee at workplace

7. Lack of Proper Communication

Yes, being active on calls every Time is impossible, but giving lame excuses, affects the well-being of most employees. You can have dinner, lunch, and snacks, but sincerity towards your work is essential. And more than that, no matter if someone is senior or junior, mutual respect between employees, how you speak, how you conduct, and how you communicate is essential.

8. Lack of Skill

One must grab opportunities that come their way, but there is another saying, “Little Knowledge is a Dangerous thing.”

People who know little/ have less knowledge about the ecosystem can badly impact the company’s overall performance. Many people have already invested time and energy in that project, but one individual’s incompetency may lead to one problem for another.

And situation turns out so bad that a leader will have to do it all by affecting their work schedules by adding extra workload.

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You simply can't ignore the holistic well-being of an employee at workplace

How to Improve the Holistic Well-being of an Employee

Promoting a healthy lifestyle for employees and their families is essential for one to reach their full potential. You will find Government job employees are the happiest ones among all. 

But these days, since most are part of the corporate world where working hours may get stretched from 6 hours a day to insane 12 hours a day. So, the holistic well-being of employees is essential.

There are three things that every company must do to improve the Holistic Well-being of Employees. 

1. Provide Incentives

Companies should give employees monetary or non-monetary incentives in exchange for their performance. The purpose of this is to enhance performance while keeping the interest of the employees in mind.

2. Conduct Employee Assistance Programs

Offering EAP services to employees and encouraging them to meet psychologists helps them keep their minds in check. This way, they can give their best performance at work.

You simply can't ignore the holistic well-being of an employee at workplace

3. Providing Employees Opportunities for Social Interaction

Providing employees opportunities for social interaction, including team-building activities to build good relationships with coworkers.

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The Impact of Holistic Well-being on Employees.

To improve productivity at the Workplace, designing engaging programs to reduce employee absenteeism and health care costs is very important.

The impact holistic well-being can have on employees are;

1. Provide Incentives

Wellness Programs (The One Liner conducts a very fun and conversational Webinar on the Holistic Well-being of Individuals) help employees improve their productivity by having a healthy lifestyle. A good sleep schedule always helps a lot, where experts suggest a minimum of 6 hours of Sleep is a must.

You simply can't ignore the holistic well-being of an employee at workplace
You simply can't ignore the holistic well-being of an employee at workplace

2. Reduce Stress

Workplace stress is unavoidable; unhealthy employees lead to lower productivity.

3. Improves the Morale of the Employees

Focusing on Holistic Well-being creates a sense of accomplishment when participating in wellness programs, making them feel valued and appreciated.

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Final Thoughts

In the workplace ecosystem, it is essential to focus on every aspect of well-being. Be it mind, body, wallet, social and Community is necessary.

If you aren’t implementing all those above, you are doing something wrong that may go against your company.

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