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Did You Know: DIY Crafts Sell More on Instagram than Anywhere else

Priyadarshini Sahoo

May 25, 2022. 3 minute Read

DIY Crafts or Do-it-Yourself crafts sell more on Instagram than anywhere else. Be it handmade pots, earrings, embroidery stuff, shoes, designer clothes, or skincare products, they are sold more on Instagram than on any online marketplaces where the production is low, but the demand is high. Many have scaled to a level that now they run full-time businesses.

Maybe this is why Instagram made it easier for creators to list and sell their products on its platform. But how many do this is still a question mark.

Instagram Features That Help A Lot

These days Listing your products with a Price tag is very Simple on Instagram. But since very few do it, the rest post products with product codes and ask the buyers to send Direct Messages using the product ID of various Products. 

Even Marketing Your Product is effortless these days. But the hack to market your product is to use hashtags and relevant keywords relevant to your product domain. In the search option, buyers usually type the product they wish to buy, and then on Instagram, they are given various options to choose from. 

One can even promote their product to a broader audience, where they can advertise their product with Instagram Ads. But here, the hack is not to go and drop an ad on Instagram. It will help if one implements a proper plan when you are finally publishing ads on Instagram. Even when you put a price tag on your product, one has to keep in mind to include fixed marketing costs to sell those products well. 

Even Instagram Reels have the potential to reach out to many people, which even Instagram Ads and Post fail to do at times. It has the potential to reach out to thousands, but the pre-requisite conditions are it should be aesthetically pleasing with a trending soundtrack. Else doesn’t connect well with your buyers. 

To run a business, one needs to Network. There are many entrepreneurial communities like Hen where founders of different companies with different Businesses often collaborate. Since, by being in this kind of entrepreneurial community, one gets to know so many individuals that it becomes easier for them to go Live on Instagram and share their views or even have conversations about their product. Instagram Live is also one of the best features to increase followers because of its more engagements and greater visibility. 

But What made this Easier?

Internet Banking, UPI Payment, Blue Dart, Flipkart, and Amazon have made things easier for many creators.

There was a time when buying raw material for DIY Stuff was rigid, and now, it is not. Though purchasing raw materials on this online marketplace is a bit costlier, at least one can start with something.

Some startups provide pick and parcel services, but cost effectiveness is a problem here. It adds an extra amount to the cost of the product. This pick and parcel service is always a reliable option, but one needs to understand availing of any third-party services is always costlier.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Instagram is more than just a social networking site. Now it is not only a platform that provides you with an Entertainment quotient but also serves as a platform where many creators and businesses market, collaborate, and sell their products.

Priyadarshini Sahoo

She is a B. Tech in Mechanical Engineering and always believed that a creative idea backed with technology could make a difference. Her inquisitive nature helps her curate impactful ideas and would help make a difference to the business community and society at large.

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