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Get fit, it’s the new Netflix: Top 10 celebs who are known as Ambassador of Fitness


Fitness ambassadors and influencers often use their platforms to advocate for holistic well-being. They promote balanced lifestyles, mindful eating, and the importance of mental health alongside physical fitness and this approach resonates with a growing audience seeking a comprehensive and sustainable approach to health.

While the influence of fitness ambassadors and influencers is undeniable, it’s crucial for individuals to approach fitness content critically and consider their own unique needs and goals. The fitness landscape continues to evolve, and these digital influencers play a significant role in shaping perceptions, trends, and attitudes towards health and fitness in the contemporary era.

Do you get influenced?

Celebrities often serve as inspiration for many in their pursuit of fitness. Their lifestyles, which often involve demanding schedules and public scrutiny, require them to maintain optimal health and physical fitness. Celebrities typically work closely with personal trainers, nutritionists, and wellness experts to tailor fitness routines and diet plans that align with their goals. 

High-intensity workouts, specialized training programs, and dedication to a healthy lifestyle are common elements in celebrity fitness regimens. 

Moreover, the public visibility of their fitness journeys through social media and interviews allows fans to gain insights into their routines, making them influential figures in the realm of health and wellness.

Thus, it is quite evident Fitness is indeed a cornerstone of overall well-being, encompassing physical, mental, and emotional health. Engaging in regular exercise not only enhances physical strength and endurance but also contributes to mental clarity and emotional balance. 

A holistic approach to fitness involves a balanced diet, adequate rest, and stress management. Whether through cardiovascular activities, strength training, or mindfulness practices like yoga, the pursuit of fitness is a journey towards a healthier and more fulfilling life.

So in this article we have created the list of TOP 10 celebs whom we have considered to be fitness junkies or ambassadors of fitness, whatever you may call, and here is the list.

Top 10 celebs who are known as ambassadors of fitness

1. Shilpa Shetty Kundra

Bollywood actress

Shilpa Shetty Kundra is a Bollywood actress, entrepreneur, and fitness enthusiast. Renowned for her commitment to yoga, Shilpa has released fitness DVDs and a wellness app. Her emphasis on yoga and holistic well-being has influenced many, promoting a balanced approach to fitness and health.

Even at the age of 49, she looks as fit as she was in her 20s and 30s. In most of her interviews, she has said that she does portion control, eats carbs but less carbs, and tries to manage her cravings this way. 

But however, it is seen that most of the actresses try to control their salt consumption,or even have no salt, to maintain their body, which can be dangerous for the overall wellness of individuals.

2. Deepak Chopra

Indian-American author

Deepak Chopra is a prominent figure in the wellness and holistic health space. As an author and speaker, he advocates for the integration of mind-body medicine, meditation, and spiritual practices. Deepak’s influence extends globally, inspiring people to explore the connection between mental and physical health.

His youtube is a hit among masses, where he delivers motivational talks, and helps people learn how to meditate.

Redditors have claimed that he has a voice that is extremely pleasing while doing meditation but he also makes claims that hold barely any scientific validation.

3. Milind Soman


Milind Soman, a model, actor, and fitness enthusiast, is known for his dedication to long-distance running and adventure sports. He has been a pioneer in promoting the importance of cardiovascular fitness and endurance, inspiring individuals of various age groups to adopt an active lifestyle.

Some of his fitness accomplishments are not only his fit body, but also 1500 Km “green run” marathon.

4. Rujuta Diwekar


Rujuta Diwekar is a celebrity nutritionist and author who has worked with high-profile clients, including Kareena Kapoor Khan. Her approach to fitness emphasizes traditional Indian diets, sustainability, and mindful eating. Rujuta’s influence lies in demystifying nutrition and promoting a healthy relationship with food.

One of the best approach of her is, “Packet ka nahi khaana hai”, and also she promotes eating fresh, local produce and go Indian.

5. Guru Mann

Fitness Entrepreneur

Guru Mann is a fitness trainer and social media influencer who focuses on bodybuilding and muscle development. His online presence, workout programs, and nutrition advice cater to those seeking to build strength and achieve a sculpted physique, making fitness accessible to a broad audience.

But here is the thing?

Not everyone has to have a sculpted body, the motto is to have a fit body.

6. Luke Coutinho


Luke Coutinho is a holistic lifestyle coach and author known for his integrative approach to health. Combining nutrition, exercise, and mental well-being, Luke promotes a comprehensive understanding of health. His unique blend of Western and traditional Indian wellness practices has gained popularity.

One of suggested morning rituals, which includes ghee, turmeric and black pepper, is claimed to work amazingly for healthy skin, digestion and immunity.

7. Narendra Modi

Prime Minister of India

Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India is an advocate for fitness and yoga. He launched the “Fit India” movement, encouraging citizens to prioritize physical activity and well-being. His public endorsement of yoga and fitness has had a significant impact on promoting a healthier lifestyle nationwide.

One of the significant takeaways from all his morning fitness videos is Prime Minister’s bungalow, which has everything in there that makes it the best place to meditate, practice yoga and maintain an active lifestyle by walking on those Peebles, luscious green grass, and also running fountain which is a dream for every fitness enthusiasts.

8. Pooja Makhija

Nutritionist, Author

Pooja Makhija is a celebrity nutritionist and author who focuses on sustainable and practical dietary habits. Her clientele includes Bollywood stars like Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone. Pooja’s approach revolves around personalised nutrition plans, debunking diet myths, and promoting mindful eating.

She has over 397k followers on Instagram.

9. Sarvesh Shashi

Owner of Diva Yoga

 Sarvesh Shashi is the founder of the SARVA Yoga Studios, aiming to make yoga accessible to everyone. His innovative approach combines traditional yoga with modern fitness techniques. SARVA’s digital platform provides yoga classes, making it easier for individuals to incorporate yoga into their routines.

He train many bollywood actresses such as Malaika Arora, Jhanvi Kapoor, Jaquiline Fernandez, and many other b-town celebrities.

10. Virat Kohli

Indian cricket captain

Indian cricket captain Virat Kohli is known for his exceptional fitness levels, setting a benchmark for athletes. His training regimen includes strength and conditioning, agility drills, and a disciplined diet. Virat’s commitment to fitness has inspired a generation of sports enthusiasts to prioritize physical well-being.

Virat Kohli is one of the fittest cricketing stars in the Indian Cricket Team, it is often said that it is because of fitness abilities, he has been able to conquer cricket for so long.

Final Thoughts

Each of these personalities brings a unique perspective to the realm of fitness, catering to diverse preferences and needs. Their influence extends beyond traditional fitness practices, encompassing mental well-being, nutrition, and lifestyle choices, making them influential figures in promoting holistic health.

The impact of celebrities’ commitment to fitness extends beyond their personal lives and resonates with the general public. Many people look up to celebrities as role models, emulating their fitness practices and lifestyle choices. The influence of celebrities on fitness trends and health-related behaviors is undeniable, as their endorsements of specific workouts, diets, or wellness practices often lead to increased public interest and adoption. 

The promotion of a healthy lifestyle by celebrities not only raises awareness about the importance of fitness but also encourages individuals to take proactive steps toward improving their well-being. The ripple effect of celebrity influence on fitness can be observed in the increased popularity of fitness programs, dietary trends, and wellness practices endorsed by these influential figures.

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