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You are beautiful: How Bad is Body Image and Understand Its Cure


In this article, we will delve into how severe body image is and what are the possible treatments for this widespread disorder.

Have you ever caught yourself not liking what you saw in the mirror? You’re not by yourself. It’s a fact that there is constant pressure to live up to predetermined beauty standards. 

You name it: magazines, social media, etc they all have set a standard and we all need to fit into it. 

But how awful is this entire body image problem? It turns out to be a severe issue that affects our minds, self-esteem, and even physical health.

Body-Image is a societal issue rather than merely a matter of personal problem. We’re discussing remedies, such as raising awareness, altering the story, and showering our unique selves with much-needed love. 

So, in this article, we have discussed briefly how the body-image affects every individual in this society.

7 Ways “The Body Image” Affect Every Individual in This Society.

1. The Silent Impact For Poor Body Image On Mental Health

The effects of having a negative body image go far beyond being unhappy with how one looks; they can have a significant and often deadly influence on mental health.

2. Poor Self esteem and low in confidence

Self-worth is frequently eroded by negative body image, which results in low self-esteem and decreased confidence. 

People who experience internalized negativity and persistent self-criticism have a flawed self-perception that makes them feel undeserving and worthless. Consequently, this clouds personal development and fulfilment.

3. Extremely Poor impact on physical health

According to Health Researchers, Poor body image has more psychological consequences than just emotional ones. 

It’s possible for binge eating, severe dieting, and other harmful habits to become normal. 

Physical health is negatively impacted by stress and the constant quest for an idealised body, which can result in long-term difficulties like immune system weakness and cardiovascular problems.

4. Leaves Behind Bad Behavioural Impact

Self-harm, substance abuse, and disordered eating are among the harmful behaviours that are frequently linked to negative body image.

People self-conscious or embarrassed about their looks may experience social disengagement and seclusion.

Changing a negative body image can take time and effort since your perception of your body evolves throughout your life. Here are some cures or suggestions for the improvement of body image.

So how to Heal from Poor Body Image

The Cure For Your Well-Being

1. Encourage Minds with Media Literacy Education

Media literacy education becomes an essential tool in a society where media messages shape our views of beauty.

2. Spread More Awareness Regarding Body Image

Half of society goes through such a thing and still, they do not recognise what is happening to them. 

Spreading awareness plays an important role when body image is applied widely. Especially among the youth.

So, take care of your body because it is the only place you live in.                                                                                                                                                       -Jim Rohn

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell!

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