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Virat Kohli: An Ubeatable player
with Strong Mindset

Diptaraj Bhaduri

November 4, 2022. 4 minute Read

Virat Kohli is the epitome of a Strong mindset and a Tough Player no matter how tough the situation. Virat Kohli, not just a name, is almost synonymous with a massive brand name in India. His on-and-off relationship with fans is debatable, and it usually depends on how many runs he adds to that scoreboard.  

Just imagine the amount of Pressure the man has to deal with while representing the nation where for 130 Crore Indians, Cricket is not only a sport but is also an emotion. The kind of Pressure every cricketer has to deal with is something you can vouch for, and it’s for real.

He has been explicitly dealing with this humongous Pressure from the very start of his career. And as a huge Cricket Fan, we wonder what kind of Mindset one must create to be such a considerable person. 

Even Psychologists say that one develops an uncompromising attitude when one develops a tough mindset. Virat Kohli is also one of them who has constantly worked Harder but sometimes fails, introspects himself, and then comes out of it very strongly in his entire cricketing career. 

Virat Kohli : Strong Mindset

Virat Kohli's Strong and Undefeatable Mindset

At 18, while playing a Ranji trophy match in 2006 against Karnataka. He returned with a score of 40, not out, and suddenly received a call from his mother telling him his father was no more. We all know this episode.

Breaking down is natural, but Virat Kohli was different. He is not an average person with average cricketing standards, but he was born to create history, so he chose to stay with his team, and the next thing Virat Kohli does is he went again to bat and played a jaw-dropping inning of 90 runs and saved his team from a follow-on. It is an example of Virat Kohli’s strong and undefeatable Mindset. 

You see this kind of Mindset in Individuals who choose to be strong. If you believe that no dire circumstances have the power to defeat you and you can face anything that life throws at you, then my friend, you end up being the same, and finally, you will be ready to fight against anything in life. It’s a well-known truth that what we think is what we become.

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Belief is Greater than Self Doubt

Virat Kohli spoke about his undiminishable Mindset in an interview that always helps him to recover after hitting rock bottom. He is very focused on his goals, and we all know his qualities. But there are times when this legend also feels down or goes through bad times, and during those moments, he preferably works harder to accomplish all his goals while playing the sport or in life, in general. 

In the interview on In Depth with Graham Bensinger, Virat Kohli Said


Every Time I was down, every time I hit rock bottom, Somehow I was able to put everything aside and say, Alright! I am going to work hard, and I am going to get back up! “

Virat Kohli

Whatever you face in life, your game plan is all about that. Even Virat Kohli’s game plan proves that you can change whatever you want only with your Mindset and attitude. Indeed, his confidence has been the key to all the successes he has achieved in life. 

But like any other celebrity, there are times when Virat Kohli got trolled by cricket fans for every bad inning he had played so far, especially in those last two years. Many people even said he is not the same Virat Kohli anymore and must retire sooner. But again, he returned with splendid innings of 100 runs against Afghanistan in the Asia Cup 2022. 

Most people lost hope in him and thought he would never regain his top-notch quality form. During this phase, he didn’t play for a month.  Psychologists say breaks are sometimes essential for mental well-being and a proper comeback. Meanwhile, he gave up his captaincy of the Indian team, but later, he made a tough comeback in the match against Afghanistan on 8th September 2022, proving why the world calls him “King Kohli. ” 

The Internet broke down with social media posts of his fans, who were eagerly waiting for the 71st century of their idol. Not only that, but such a performance by Virat Kohli gave a high confidence boost to the whole team before the T20 World Cup.

Chasing Runs, Declaring Victory and Concealing Defeat

Virat Kohli is popularly known as the chase master in cricket. He has an excellent record of playing mind-blowing innings while chasing big runs for his team. Virat Kohli mentioned in one of his interviews that he hates losing, and he hates to lose in anything that matters to him. He said he always tries his best to win a match, score a century, or even catch a ball. 

He never wants the “maybe” Feeling to occur in his head. He said he gets affected by failures too, but he never lets that failure take over his spirit of winning every game for his motherland. He mentioned that he sees failure as an opportunity to analyze what went wrong and then work hard on that and then bounce back.

His Breakthrough Years

In an award ceremony, he said his breakthrough years were from the end of 2015 to the end of 2016. In the same show, what is his success mantra, he said is,


I always wanted to be one of the top players in the world for sure, so I understood what it would take for me to maintain my form in all three formats, not just one format, and along my early days in my career as well there has been a lot of people who doubted the way I have gone about my game even now there are doubters and haters all around but one thing is for sure I have always believed in myself, I always felt in my heart that if I work hard 120% every day of my life, I am answerable to no one and I think the reason I thank my teammates is that that they bought into it and we all play with that kind of attitude, we don’t care about what happens outside that change room door “

Virat Kohli

When a Leader is Born, He Inspires Many

Jemimah Rodrigues mentioned in her interviews that Virat Kohli’s style of scoring runs and handling the expectations of such a huge fan base have helped her change her life and approach to the game. Even the legend, when he scored 82 not out against Pakistan in the T20 World Cup, it was almost impossible for India to win the match anyhow. But Virat Kohli’s Unbeatable tough Mindset helped India win that crucial match against Pakistan. It resulted from Virat Kohli’s rigorous hard work and an unassailable attitude to play while handling the expectations of his ocean-like fanbase and making India win, no matter how tough the situation.

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