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Learn How to Deal with Issues at work if you Think you have had enough.

The One Liner

June 23, 2022. 4 minute Read

Problems in the Workplace are inevitable.

So, what works?

Things work when people with a positive attitude are always trying to fix those problems well.

There are days when we plan something but deal with too many problems at work. Not only these, then there are conflicts, and we have people who differ in their opinions.

So, what to do When things go wrong in the workplace?

Criticizing your subordinates and shouting at them is the last thing you must do at work.

When things go wrong, what works is constructive criticism. One must sit down and analyze “What led to those problems? Why aren’t things working the way the team had planned? what should we do to increase productivity?” instead of criticizing people and making them feel incompetent.

It is always wise to take strategic feedback from the other person.

As they say,


Attack Reasons, not people.”

Try to Minimize Conflicts at Work

Conflicts are inevitable at work. But what minimizes conflicts at work is one’s attitude. To deal with conflicts better, we must have face-to-face meetings to understand the situation well. We must try to resolve problems satisfactorily. Find areas where both the parties can mutually agree instead blame each other.

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Constructive Criticism Works

Instead of questioning one competency, what works is when we criticize someone with a more positive approach, where we don’t accuse or blame each other.

Here, the leader should always focus on what changes they should bring so that things work well and increase their productivity at the Workplace. If they find there is a skill gap, they try to fix the gap with proper training at the Workplace.

Learn How to Deal with Problems at work if you Think you have had enough

But How to React to any Criticism

Know your Score

When one is getting criticized in the Workplace for something, one should analyze first to understand why that problem happened in the first place. Analysis of any problem in a calm state always helps us evaluate those problems well. We connect to those dots very well. Once we recover from what happened at work, we must sit down and should instead work on our approach at the Workplace. In fact, because of that criticism, one will notice that we start evaluating things exceptionally well.

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Criticism is inevitable; How you React is Important

Who loves getting criticism at work? But people with a Positive Attitude heal from that criticism sooner, don’t hold a grudge, swallow their pride and resolve their problems as soon as possible.

People with a positive attitude always try to learn things from those problems and control- how they must react to that criticism well.

But What doesn't Work?

There is always a way to resolve problems satisfactorily. But often, a few things make it difficult for all to fix those problems.

Things such as subordinates usually either refrain from criticizing seniors or we get too intimidated by people who are excellent at work. Other than that, there are reasons such as personal conflicts, fear, and uncertainties that make resolving some problems at the Workplace even more challenging.

Final Thoughts

If you want to resolve a problem, it is wise to deal with them with a more positive attitude in any situation. It enhances your productivity at work and restores your road to success.

(Ps: This article has been inspired by the book “The Power of a Positive Attitude” by Roger Fritz)

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