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Top 7 Benefits Of Technology


Pavani Mantripragad.

November 3,2022. 4 minute read

There is an off-handed comment that Technology is bad. I don’t think so. But how you use it does matter a lot. These days, everybody is using Technology via some other means. Be it YouTube, WhatsApp, Facebook, etc.; now everybody is everywhere. You need software to run them, executed via coding using Python, HTML, and Reactjs; for UI/UX, we use Figma. For Illustration, we use Adobe Illustrator or Canva  . And Finally, WordPress for Content Management Systems. The creativity behind creating Technology is so enormous that you can’t deny how Technology benefits the entire generation. You can’t deny that it took many civilizations to reach the current scenario. Technology can get overwhelming at times. Your Social well-being has become dependent on how you use Technology these days as it has both good and bad, but in the end, it depends on how the user uses the medium. A large part of society is associated with Technology and develops with it. So we decided to get you covered in the seven benefits of Technology that have significantly made our lives easier.

Technology is Saving too many Lives.

Because we use Technology in medicine, there have been various cases of life-saving medical miracles. When your heartbeat is too slow and often irregular; often, doctors recommend an artificial pacemaker, a small device to control the heartbeat. A few years ago, cutting down tumors without any surgical scars was unheard of, but because of laser technology, it leaves very minimal scars.  Traditional surgical equipment and the surgeon’s hands are too big for tiny incisions. Previously, Surgeons would have to spend 15-17 hours in the operation theatre, and too many surgeries in a day would overwhelm surgeons.  Now, we have robots guiding surgeries which help in several ways with finger-like robotic equipment. Robots work on Machine learning and Artificial Intelligences. While seeing the picture on the screen, the surgeon can utilize telemanipulation to communicate and guide movements to a robot, which surgeons can operate hydraulically, electronically, or mechanically.

Now Locals are Getting Global

A few years ago, entrepreneurship would have never seen this change in its course. It used to take ages/years to take business out of the state. It would take generations to move it through the country and the world. People with only a significant capital, large workforce, immense income, and extensive connectivity could think of global businesses. 

Today, Technology has brought it to our doorstep. Technology has brought local businesses being taken all over the world. Kanchipuram Silks, Banaras Silks, and Pashmina Shawls are shipped today worldwide with a GI Tag. Previously, one had to travel to sell their  GI tagged goods, but now you can shop online and ship it anywhere in the world. Because of Gi Tag, many local artisans in India have benefited from this. This Technology of online shopping has allowed small-scale businesses to ship their products all over the world. It has opened up global markets for various small businesses.

Your Security is now on your Fingertip.

As the requirements and needs of the human condition increase, Technology also advances itself to suit them. Similarly, when humans have begun to connect to people quickly and travel around, it has also brought innovations that allow us to feel more secure. With the help of Technology, you can now check the hotel’s authenticity in any part of the world. Using a cab which may be Ola/Uber, you can share your live location with your family and friends. Even WhatsApp has a similar feature. Technology has constantly fed the rising human needs, be it your travel ticket online on or Make my Trip now and even track your flight, train, bus, or car. It has allowed people to feel more secure and assured in their travels.

Sharing Knowledge Was Never this Easier

Nothing has proven the ability of Technology in education more than the Covid 19 pandemic. Its full-fledged ability to bring the best schooling to your home is proven. One of the best examples is Byju, Unacedmy, and Khan Academy. The large-scale ability of Ed-tech to bring the best learning experiences right to your home and within your reach is marvellous. Some 50 years ago, education relied on the quantity and quality of teachers available at a particular place. 

Where you stay would reduce the capacity of every student regardless of his inherent brightness to what was available to them at their local school or coaching centres. But now, with Byjus, Udemy, Unacademy, and such edtech being available on the internet, we are just a click away from having the best teachers giving us the best education and enhancing our learning.

The Time Factor is not a Problem Anymore

If someone had asked earlier if it was possible to send a post from Chennai to Delhi in 4-5 days, the answer would have been a blunt no. If someone had asked earlier if it was possible to manufacture 30 cycles within an hour, the response would have been a no. If someone had asked earlier if it was possible to invest within minutes, again, the reaction would have been a no. 

But now, the answer to all of those questions is a yes. We can send a post from far away cities within a week. We can manufacture bulk quantities of products in a short time. We can transfer money from one account to another within a few seconds/minutes. All of that has been availed to us by technological developments, dramatically reducing the time consumed in the places it matters. 

The manufacturing industry largely relies on being able to bulk-produce goods and transport them to various places. It has profited vastly from enhancing Technology and boosting the economy. Investments have been made so much easier through Technology. Now you can do in-depth research on how and what to invest. 

Entertainment Revolution Because of Netflix

Technology has given us the most famous phrase, “Netflix and Chill .”If we asked our grandparents if we could watch thousands of movies in a single place in a single stretch, they would have looked at us as if we were crazy, but the first one to avail an extensive database of entertainment at ease was Netflix. 

Netflix relies on Cloud Computing. Let’s take the example of Spiderman. Netflix buys a spiderman movie from sony and Splits it into different copies for different screens like TV, mobile, tab, etc. Then Netflix uploads that movie to their server Amazon Web Services (AWS). They use machine learning to store the data of Spiderman, where most people love Spiderman instead of putting it globally.

Whenever a user requests any movie via in-app search, Netflix asks us to provide the request for the user. And this is how Netflix runs so efficiently.

Final Thoughts

Our lives have been made drastically simpler through the advent of Technology. It has brought a massive change in our lives. Sure, Technology might have brought its share of troubles, but when we measure it against the weight of all the ways, it has benefited humbly. Here, the percentage of cons will get outweighed by the pros.  

No wonder things that would not have been imaginable 100 years ago are now available to us quickly. We have travelled a great deal from the first invention of the wheel to robots. Technology has impacted our lives in too many good ways and will continue to do so. 

Stay Tuned!

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