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10 Things Can Help You Practice Gratitude For Small Things

Diptaraj Bhaduri

February 27, 2023. 4 minute Read

Expressing gratitude is an excellent source of joy and happiness. You are happier when you start expressing gratitude, even for the little things you admire the most. Often most of the divine gifts are devalued rather than being recognised and appreciated for the thoughts behind them. We stress a lot over little things, which reduces the joy of life. 

Often this type of situation is a result of your focus which gets drawn towards what’s wrong, annoying, unique, and missing, which should be instead what’s correct, beautiful, exceptional, and mysterious. Your point of focus will encourage you to be “on edge” and on the lookout for issues rather than being happy over little things that bring immense joy in life. The moment you start appreciating little things, it improves your life and makes your life even better. And it can be anything that slightly pleases you. It also entails cultivating thankfulness by paying attention to these ordinary things you frequently take for granted. Since 24*7 life happens to us, it is impossible to disregard things happening to us, but when we start embracing life and appreciating the little things around us.

When you start focusing more on the positive side than the hostile world around us, it, as a result, helps in maintaining mental equilibrium.

gratitude for small things

Benefits of having gratitude for Little things in life 

Often people filled with gratitude are more conscious and focus on the kindness of an individual that people show to them, which further helps to increase social ties among the individuals. These social ties are only strengthened by reciprocating these activities. They create a lasting bond that we can use when we’re in need. 

Apart from this, experts say that there is a connection between this good feeling and physical wellness. Positivity boosts your immune system and hastens recovery. Additionally, feeling well/positive makes us more creative and resourceful. Positivity serves as the foundation for the strengths of resilient people. They merely use these feelings to help them get through challenging circumstances.

So, we have got you covered with Ten Things that You Must be Grateful for in life.

10 Things to be Forever Grateful in Life.

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1. Fantastic Life -

It’s the biggest thing that we should be grateful for. Life may have been tough for a while, and we may have been victims of many negative things. But that is life, and that is the adventure of life we go through, so we should be grateful for every good thing that happens to us, and if, in case anything wrong happens, we must always plan resilience against the same.

gratitude for small things
gratitude for small things
gratitude for small things

2. Loving parents 

It would be best if you were grateful to your parents for giving you birth and giving you a happy life. Our parents sacrifice everything for us to make us happy and try to protect us from the darkest of storms, so we should be thankful for that.

3. Great friends 

Friends are one the essential parts of our lives. From standing outside the class together to standing beside each other during their worst days makes, friendship is one of the best gifts of our lives. Incidents like the severe earthquake in Turkey can take everyone away from us within a moment. 

4. Good health 

Staying healthy is very important for living a happy and prosperous life. You can’t enjoy your life to the fullest if you’re dealing with sickness. Regular exercise of at least one hour is a must for every individual. 

5. Home that is yours

There are still many landless people on this planet who don’t have a shelter to live under, so you should be grateful that you have a good house. Not everyone has the liberty to own a home. Also, having a shelter overhead is a gateway to many opportunities. Be it applying for an education loan for your kids, or be it the feeling of security it provides because you own a house now. And it may be Big/small, but it doesn’t matter.

6. Regular meals 

There is a considerable percentage of the population who are devoid of regular two meals a day. You should be filled with gratitude if you eat even two meals a day because there are people in different remote parts of the world who can’t even arrange a single meal in a day. For example, Yemen ranks 121  in the Global Hunger Index 2022.

7. Good Education 

In the current world, many people can’t afford a proper education because of family circumstances or financial obligations, so you should be grateful that you’re educated. There are kids in Yemen, Syria or, recently, Ukraine who may have wanted to study but lost the opportunity due to war.

8. Stable job

There is a massive chunk of the population in India who are unemployed today. Even recently, huge tech giants such as Google, Facebook, Amazon, and many other startups have laid off many individuals who were the sole breadwinners to their families. 

9. A proper sleep 

Many people struggle to sleep after a busy schedule, and you should be thankful if you can fulfil your sleep. Some experts believe that people who put Bhagwat Gita or any religious books under pillows can feel distressed and sleep well at night. 

gratitude for small things

10. Holidays with loved ones

Holidays with loved ones are a must for everyone to spend their holidays and free time with loved ones, family members and friends. And if you have done it already, you should be grateful for the same. 

So these ten things are the most prominent parts of our lives that we are not so thankful for. But there are also some other minor things which we should have gratitude for –

The more you are grateful for these small things in your life, the more joy and happiness it brings. You will feel less empty and more fulfilled with whatever you have. Hence, one feels more motivated and productive to accomplish your mission and vision in life.

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