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Excellent benefits of Gratitude on Mental Health that You must Know.

Diptaraj Bhaduri

September 19, 2022. 2 minute Read

We start our day with a lot of motivation or plans for the whole day, but most of the time, we end our day with too many things to complain about, aghast, and deeply unsatisfied with the current situation. Some of us are struggling with anxiety or trauma, but do we even have a solution to this Problem? 

Even Ronaldo recently went through the same, which means this can happen to anyone. Most of the time, negativity comes into our life because we ignore the small good things but instead focus on what is negative around us.

But Why must we Practise Gratitude?

1. Work can be stressful at times.

Work can be stressful at times.

Incompetency, mismanagement, or miscommunication can make work stressful at times. Some studies say that Gratitude causes a higher level of satisfaction with life, and stress causes complaints about life. The study also showed that stress is a mediator between Gratitude and life satisfaction. Practising gratitude can benefit your mental health by boosting positive feelings and killing all the negativities which develop stress in your mind. 

Another study also shows that practising Gratitude helps to improve an individual’s mood.

2. Value your Relationship

Value your Relationship

Your relationships significantly impact your mental health, so it’s essential to maintain good relationships. 

Gratitude helps improve relationships because you stop taking all the connections, care, and love for granted and value all the efforts others give you.

Some studies have shown that stress can be one of the most disrupting factors in your relationships, incredibly romantic relationships. Couples tend to vouch for the pernicious effect of stress.

3. Workout Pretty Hard to Heal Faster

Workout Pretty Hard to Heal Faster

Gratitude helps decrease pain in individuals; people suffering from chronic pain have seen improvement in their health condition after practising It. People who stay in a positive state of mind while in pain heal faster than others. 

A person with a happy mind tends to take more care of their health and exercise or go to the gym or do yoga more often, and we all know that bad physical health also harms our mental health.

4. It's cool if you like sleeping.

It's cool if you like sleeping.

A good amount of sleep is essential for good mental health. Practising gratitude helps release feel-good hormones like dopamine and also decreases the cortisol hormone, which causes more stress, so if you express Gratitude, you will be able to have a good and deep sleep. 

After spending just a few minutes journaling the moments of your day that you are grateful for, you will have a better sleep quality.

5. Stop Obsessing over Things

Stop Obsessing over Things

Being materialistic is not suitable for your mental health because that will never make you satisfied with what you have. By practising Gratitude, you become happy and more confident with what you have.

How to practise Gratitude?

If we practise Gratitude, we can address and deal with the Problem more gracefully now. 

We can address most problems in life by practising Gratitude in our daily life. If you face the issues we just spoke about in your everyday life, then you have landed at the best place for the solution. 

So we covered you with some benefits of Gratitude on mental health. Some of them are listed below.

1. Cherish Good Things, not Bad Ones

Cherish Good Things, not Bad Ones

Many good things happen to us throughout the day, but we are so busy complaining about our life that we don’t even care about those small good things.

2. Journaling Helps a Lot

Journaling Helps a Lot

Jot down the good things happening to you every day in any diary, or copy it will create a sense of satisfaction in your mind. Your mental state will also change because you will keep track of all those good things that happen to you whenever anything bad happens.

3. Unleash the Beauty of Expression

Caring Father with his daughter.
Affectionate relationship between couples.

Tell your loved ones how much you value their presence in your life, which will improve your bond with others. You will also feel pleased about your relationships and stop looking at the negative sides and complaining about them.

Most people practise Gratitude in the wrong way, they are just happy about the big things that have happened to them, but they ignore the other stuff. 

Dr. Ike Shibley said in his Tedtalk that you need to be specific about the things you are grateful for. Gratefulness can increase happiness. He said in one of Ted Talks that, “like you should appreciate that leaves change colours because your eyes appreciate them or like you are thankful because you can sense the temperature change or because you live five minutes away from a beautiful trail.”


like you should appreciate that leaves change colours because your eyes appreciate them or like you are thankful because you can sense the temperature change or because you live five minutes away from a beautiful trail.”

Dr. Ike Shibley

Final Thoughts

Famous Youtuber and author Mr Jay Shetty even shared a story of his life in a youtube video where he said,


I understood the value of Gratitude after watching a kid who had nothing to eat but, on the other hand, a couple fighting for a small number of options in a buffet.”

Mr Jay Shetty

So Practice Gratitude; it helps a Lot. Overall, it changes your perspective on people and situations around you. 

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