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The Wish Bowl Chapter:2

Shreedevi Kulkarni & Priyadarshini Sahoo
September 14, 2022. 4 minute Read


Wish Bowl is a series introduced by The One-Liner that integrates the real story of individuals’ wishes with psychological analysis by a Psychologist of that particular behavior.

Chapter 2: In a random WhatsApp conversation, the wish is “Family First.” 


Some people want it to happen; some wish it would happen; others make it happen.”

Micheal Jordan

This time in a random WhatsApp conversation, I asked my friend, “what do you wish for in life?” My friend said, “I wish to take care of my Family all life and give them the happiness they deserve.” We all want to take care of all our family members. And there is absolutely nothing shocking about the same.

Even some of the basic necessities of life are money, good food, and a great laughter session with your Family members over a cup of tea or coffee in your home.

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So What Has Made Our Life Easier

Work-from-home practices have brought many families together. 

In fact, I am not surprised by the kind of wish he is trying to make here because he comes from a family where all his grandparents, uncle, aunties, and sisters usually have so many laughter sessions and have been there for each other in thick and thin of life. So, it is natural to have a wish of this kind. 

Even Psychologists say that family bonding is the simple act of spending quality time with your family members, which is essential for strengthening the relationships. 

Healthy bonding between the family members comes with various benefits. It helps each member of the Family feel valued. Healthy bonding also strengthens communication in relationships and encourages better behavior in children. Thus, providing a great sense of belonging and security to the family members.  

So, What Next?

There is always that one person who takes care of all and leads from the front in every Family. They are the ones who have this constant persuasive behavior to go through worse and still manage to bring stuff for all.

But frankly speaking, it is genuinely challenging for a person to protect everyone every time. Even if there is the possibility of saving a person from debacles, it’s not easy at all.

What I am trying to say is

Don’t be harsh to that person if things don’t fall in place because “somebody” should be blamed for something. 

Technically as per experts, an individual can’t do everything. For a relationship to stay strong and healthy, efforts have to be put by all the parties involved. Individuals might experience burnout in the relationship if they solely put in all the effort.

In a family, we share a symbiotic relationship. We are so interdependent that if something affects one member, it also affects others. And since each person is unique and independent, they share a symbiotic relationship within the Family.

Anyway, now and even centuries ago, it was always impossible for a person to present everywhere every time.

A Story of a Kind

I have seen most of my friends in their teenage days buying veggies, engaging with a repair person to fix an Aqua guard, trying to repair their bicycle, and pedaling hard to make things happen for their family members and whatnot. I have sensed that doing something like these instills a lot of excitement, gives freedom, trust, and pride in a kid, and gives them an idea of how things work in society.

Final Thoughts

Sadhguru once said, “Idiots do things that they don’t like to do and suffer their whole life, or they think that is their duty. Intelligent people do what they love to do, and they enjoy their life to some extent. But a genius learns to do what is needed joyfully and that when your genius flowers because it is no more about you, there is a limitless way of looking at life. “

So, you can wish for anything in life. But “The wish” has to be a sincere one, and not that wish that has greed in it.

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