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Why Mock someone’s English when it is not even their First Language

The One Liner
December 20, 2022. 4 minute Read

India is a multi-lingual country, and there are 22 official languages, 122 major languages, and 1599 other languages. For example, in Bihar itself, more than three dialects are generally spoken: Maithili, Bhojpuri, and Magahi. In Odisha, Odiya is the official Language. But then, if you travel to Sambalpur and nearby districts, the Language is Sambalpuri. And if you move into deeper pockets of those district countryside, then again the Language is different.

So, technically in India, people have learned more than three languages first is their regional Language, second, Hindi, or in some cases, the other regional Language. Third, some are taught Sanskrit in schools, and then obviously fourth, English, which they read, write and learn from nursery itself.

India has grown up learning more than two languages. And when English is not only the Language they speak or have learned, how can we even mock someone because of their imperfect English when in contrast, Western countries have been taught only English since birth, which makes them a master of the Language, “English.”

Last year, a video from Pakistan went viral where a poor waiter was mocked for his poor English by the owner, despite knowing that Urdu is their first Language and English is their second.

Two Things are a Pretty Evident Here

Even in life, One encounters many “Ross” like characters who are constantly busy correcting “who-whom” and all. Okay! There is no problem in constantly correcting one’s English, but it becomes a problem when you only do that to mock someon

People Go Through Many Challenges

Where they are already dealing with a lot of stuff in life. So you never know if the person will take it as a learning experience or take it the other way in life. Because frankly speaking, by constantly mocking a person, you make them conscious of themselves while saying, making them less confident about themselves.

So What to do When you Find Someone Struggling with their English?

Final Thoughts

Language is just a medium for exchanging information, ideas, knowledge, etc. But it is always your body language that instills hope and respect for you in the other person around. 

Many Popular sports idol from don’t speak clear English, but their records, achievements, and body language speak louder than words. Kapil Dev is one of them. Always Remember! Your body language always speaks louder than words because thoughts, vibrations travel much faster than words.

As Peter Guber said,


Language is a more recent technology. Your body language, eyes, and energy will come through your audience before you even start speaking “

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