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Wednesday’s child IS FULL OF WOE. Read why watch Wednesday.

Wednesday’s child IS FULL OF WOE. Read why watch Wednesday.

Have you watched ‘The Wednesday, already?’ If not, Read the review here. Because we have covered everything you need to know about this monster hit- web series, ‘The Wednesday.’

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The origin story of Wednesday

Wednesday’s child is full of woe, named after a line in the poem ‘Monday’s Child, first recorded in A. E. Bray’s Traditions of Devonshire around 1838.

The birth date is apt for Wednesday as she says she was born on the 13th Friday. Her mother, Morticia Addams, fondly recalls how she named Wednesday after her favorite line in the poem.

The characters in the original comic by Charles Addams didn’t include character names. But when the television adaptation of the comic came out in 1964, the characters received their names.The show was called ‘The Addams Family.’

Actress and poet Joan Blake suggested that the character embodies that of the line. The show is created by Alfred Gough and Miles Millar, starring Jenna Ortega as the eponymous character Wednesday Addams. In 1991, Tim Burton took part in filming a canceled stop-motion film ‘The Addams Family.’ But again, in 2020, Tim Burton renewed the idea of filming the Netflix series. Christina Ricci, who played the role of Wednesday Addams in 1991 and 1993 in its sequel, was also asked to join this show in a supporting role. The entire web series shooting happened in Romania from 2021 to 2022. Maybe it’s Romania’s dramatic mountains and a coastline on the Black Sea that attracted the makers to shoot the entire series in Romania.

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What is the Story, and why the Hype?

The show is about Wednesday attending Nevermore academy after a mishap in her previous school for dumping live piranhas in the school’s pool in retaliation for the boys’ water polo team bullying her younger brother Pugsly. Her parents believe the academy would suit her as it is their high school alma mater, a private school for monstrous outcasts in Jericho, Vermont.

In this show, you will see Wednesday having a very cold, emotionless, and defiant personality, making it arduous for her to connect with her peers and come under the wrong books of her principal, Larissa Weems, who Gwendoline Christie plays. During the show, Wednesday discovers her psychic abilities, which are similar to that of her mother, and comes in to help her solve a local murder mystery.

Reception of the show

Ever since the show premiered in November 2022, the show has predominantly received positive feedback and remarks from critics, who have praised Jenna Ortega’s commendable performance. And the web series, ‘The Wednesday’, has also been renewed for a second season post the glorious success of the show. 

The show designs have fascinated many. The production designer Mark Scruton created his set design primarily on Charles Addams’s original cartoons. He drew inspiration from Burton-directed films such as Beetlejuice, Charlie, and the Chocolate Factory.

Wednesday’s child IS FULL OF WOE. Read why watch Wednesday.

Meet 'The Wednesday' Star Jenna Ortega

Jenna Ortega is the star of the show. Jenna Ortega had to learn many skills, such as the cello, and she also took canoeing, fencing, and archery and even learned to speak German. When a show gets a warm reception like this, it’s evident that everyone involved in the entire process must have really worked hard. The show, ‘The Wednesday, ‘ shooting schedules would start around 5:30 in the morning.

Jenna Ortega also choreographed the dance for the iconic song Goo Goo Muck taking inspiration from the goth dance club footage from the 80s and Siouxsie Sioux and Bob Fosse.

During the show Jenna Ortega, the actor of Wednesday, was asked not to blink during her shots as she executed them flawlessly during the beginning; this captured the attention of Tim Burton, who asked her to do the same for the entirety of the show. Often people, with razor sharped focus, hardly blink when they are into something.  

Jenna Ortega portrayed the character with the act of the Kubrick Stare, which is looking at the viewer with the head tilted downward and eyes peering upward from beneath the eyebrows, which adds an ominous feeling or effect to the character’s portrayal. Execution of such detailings reflects the utmost sincerity of everyone involved in the series. 

Wednesday’s child IS FULL OF WOE. Read why watch Wednesday.
Jenna Ortega with Beloved Thing.

Beloved Thing?

Romanian magician Victor Dorobantu played the character of Thing. Sounds different! Victor Dorobantu achieved the role of a Thing using a mixture of practical and special effects. It is also the magic tricks involved in the series that have made the series a monstrous hit. Now everybody wants to know how all this magic happened. People know it is VFX that made it happen. But all they want to know is how the VFX works here. 

Music score

Great music makes it easier to communicate with anything in any series. Good music helps viewers to connect with the story. The show’s ‘The Wednesday’ music score features the original score and several pop songs, classical pieces, and cello music.

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Final Thoughts

This show is a must-watch for the show’s overall experience, flawless acting, set design, characters, direction, and team of great actors. The show’s overall premise is incredibly fascinating, making it an all-time favourite. It perfectly balances horror and comedy. Do watch the show this weekend.

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