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So What If We Are Getting Older? Learn 5 Ways How You Can Brace Yourself Against Ageing

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February 21, 2022. 4 minute Read

We all have heard about people being body shamed, slut shamed, now the new concept that is making round is “Age Shamed.” And it’s not a dupe concept.

The fact is we all will grow old one day. And that is no open secret. But why constantly brag about someone’s Age?

What is even bizarre is discussing how individuals’ skin is thinning, those wrinkles, how one’s energy has dipped over time, and blah! blah!

It’s not like Age Shaming happens to only 60+ individuals. It happens to everyone. If you are slightly older, the chances are high that you will get mocked by people younger than you by making ridiculous comparisons by saying how good things are now and how bad things were then.

It doesn’t end here. I have come across many who say, “how easier our time was” and “how tough their time is now.” Whatever!

I am getting older, you are getting older, and we all will pass through a certain threshold one day. But getting mocked or making people constantly realize that they are getting old is ruthless. Because not everybody is mentally tough, and not everyone can take this easily.

Mocking People because of their Age has to Stop, But how?

Reacting to it and bashing people about the same shouldn’t be the choice anyway. Not any dignified person will do it. But there are five ways how we can brace ourselves against aging:

1. Treat Age as a Number

It is a fact that what is good now will lose its relevance in the future. Be it chocolates, clothes, brands that we follow now, will lose its eminence in future. But that doesn’t mean what you have now is terrible, and what you will have five years from now will be all great.

What we mean is there shouldn’t be any “Fear of Missing Out” stuff in your mind or in your heart.

Audio Cassette was a thing in the 90s, and YouTube is a thing these days, but experience with them remains the same. It’s just accessibility wise things have changed rapidly in every possible way.

2. Engage into Something

A happy mind is a happy soul. The more you are engaged in something, the more you are occupied, and the less you are worried about anything that doesn’t have to do with you.

3. Treat Yourself well

If you love gardening, buy those pots. If you love decorating your house, buy stuff that can uplift the ambiance of your place. Cook delicious food, if you love eating. But treat yourself fair and square because that is what keeps you moving.

So What If We Are Getting Older? Learn 5 Ways How You Can Brace Yourself Against Ageing.
So What If We Are Getting Older? Learn 5 Ways How You Can Brace Yourself Against Ageing.

4. Make Friends Who Make You Smile and Laugh

Making friends can be a tough job for some and easy for many. Who knows, maybe you will make some friends five minutes later?

It’s always good to have various kinds of characters around you. You never know how differently they may surprise you, make happy, and amaze you differently.

5. Make Things easier for Yourself

There is no shame in buying something or availing services that make your life easier, save energy for a whole day long and consume less time to make things happen.

Final Thoughts

Look around!

Amitabh Bachan still has that charismatic presence and has energy, which I bet most of his peers have lost over time. Then there is Falguni Nayar, who started an online Beauty marketplace Nykaa at 48. At the same time, at the Age of 64, Colonel Harland Sanders began to build a massive brand like KFC.

Many top-level CEOs and executives of giant corporations have retired and head many prominent startups today. They all may have lost some vibrant energy, but they are the ones who bring a lot of experience to the table. What we all must know Age is just a number. And it is all about perceiving things and staying driven, no matter what.

(Disclaimer: Opinions are purely personal here. )

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