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Zen like travel with senior citizens: Learn the do’s and don’ts.

A long time back, in the 1900s, Dr. William H. Fitzgerald and Eunice Ingham were the personalities that refined the concept of zone therapy to the current world. Around 5000 years back in time in China and 2500 years back in Egypt,  “zone therapy” came into existence; a holistic way of well-being that alleviates many health issues including stress, headaches, and various health-related issues. 

The practitioners from China and Egypt used zone therapy on the principle of ten longitudinal zones, five on the left and the other five on the right of the body. Those points can be considered the reset buttons of the energy system.


like you should appreciate that leaves change colours because your eyes appreciate them or like you are thankful because you can sense the temperature change or because you live five minutes away from a beautiful trail.”

Dr. Ike Shibley

Reflexology is like an electrical connection between your feet, hands and ears that connects them with other parts of the body including internal organs and the vital body parts as well.

Dos and Don'ts for Young When Traveling with Senior Citizens

1. Plan A Trip That Makes Sense For Senior Citizens

Ask for their opinions on travel spots and activities so that senior members feel included and excited about the trip. Consult with them and include enjoyable and manageable activities on the schedule. Plan and book accommodations and transportation well in advance to ensure the best options for seniors, such as accessible rooms and seating. Upon arrival, look into local medical facilities to be prepared for any situation.

Don't: Do not stress over things

Refrain from planning too many in one single day. Make sure to leave enough time for rest and flexibility in the plan. If your elderly friends feel exhausted or require additional time, be ready to modify your schedule.

2. Accessibility Above All

Do: Ensure accessibility

Ensure that hotels, restaurants, and attractions are accessible, mainly if your senior companions use mobility aids. Consider renting a wheelchair or scooter for places requiring much walking. Equip them with a phone and show them how to use it if they get separated from the group. Keep in regular contact throughout the trip to ensure they feel secure.

Don't: No hiking, jet skiing, or any adventure

Senior citizens would love the idea; but remember often the human body comes with certain restrictions with age.  

3. Avail all the travel benefits

Do: When traveling, do have travel insurance

When purchasing travel insurance, verify your full coverage for medical emergencies, trip cancellations, and other potential problems. For senior travelers, it is imperative to confirm that all of their needs are met by carefully reviewing the policy’s inclusions.

Don’t: Just book your tickets

One should be curious enough to study about all the travel benefits one can avail. Like if booking tickets, one must opt for flexi tickets which disburse some large amount upon cancellation or even can shift dates as per convenience. 

4. Switch on your zen mode

Seniors may require extra time for things like walking or making food choices, so be patient and understanding. Be prepared to slow down and let them determine the pace for the day. Ensure they know the day’s schedule and communicate effectively by outlining it, paying attention to their preferences and worries, and modifying the plan as necessary.

Don't: Assume One-Size-Fits-All.

Understanding that every senior traveler has unique needs and preferences is crucial. Customize the vacation to suit their specific requirements, and don’t underestimate their ability to participate in activities. Keep them engaged and valued throughout the trip by checking their comfort and preferences and keeping communication open. Everyone will have a more enjoyable and inclusive vacation if you ask for their opinions.

5. Every Age Brackets Comes With Certain Restriction

Do: Encourage your seniors to do some activities and respect their limits.

Dont: Ignore Tiredness Symptoms

Senior travelers should have their energy levels closely monitored. If they exhibit signs of fatigue or pain while traveling, you should be ready to take them off for a rest. Ensure they receive adequate rest and sleep daily to recover and remain at ease. Giving them enough time to rest and relax during the trip is crucial because neglecting fatigue symptoms might result in pain or even health problems. It guarantees they will not feel well-rested and energized and can enjoy their journey fully.

6. Have Some Respect

Do: Make them feel comfortable.

When traveling with senior family members, prioritize their comfort and safety. Choose comfortable transportation like trains, cars, or flights with fewer layovers to minimize discomfort. Pack sensibly by ensuring they have their medications, weather-appropriate clothing, and necessary medical supplies easily accessible. Choose a menu that suits their diet. 

Don’t: Make them feel neglected

As we age, we become wise with time, but our self-respect also starts increasing. Anything that compromises their self-respect can make them feel neglected. 

So, choose your words and actions wisely. 

7. Health Above All

Do: Arrange a medical check up

Arrange a medical check-up before departure to address any health concerns and ensure they can travel. Keep a detailed list of their prescriptions, allergies, and medical conditions with them throughout the journey to ensure their safety and well-being. These steps help make their travel experience smoother and more enjoyable.

Don’t: Ignore their health

Do carry all their medicines. Carry some ready-to-eat meals in hand to ensure they have food on time. Be flexible with their frequent toilet breaks and restrict seniors when their inquisitive eyes hunt for eating something locals that doesn’t supports them health wise. 

8. Get Proper Nutrition And Hydration.

Do: Drink enough water

Ensure your elderly family members drink enough water, mainly if they participate in outdoor activities or lengthy trips. Prepare wholesome meals regularly that meet their nutritional demands to keep them energized. Taking these easy precautions guarantees they travel comfortably and in good health. Carry ORS to fulfill their hydration demands. 

Don’t: Travel when hungry or sun is too harsh

When the sun is overhead, it is important to avoid traveling in open space; which would end up making you dehydrated. 

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell

Seniors and travel can create an incredible experience of adventures and memorable moments. Here are some dos and don’ts for young travelers to ensure their journey is secure, comfortable, and fun. Everything depends on meticulous planning combined with flexibility. Remember their preferences, comfort, and overall health when making decisions. I hope you have a fantastic journey!

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