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Patience: the unadulterated concoction of love. Why patience is purest form of love?

Have you ever come across the proverb “the fruit of patience is sweet”. 

If you are trying to lose weight, you need patience. If you are investing in the stock market, you need patience. If you want to be an entrepreneur/ intrapreneur you need patience. If you wish to have a good relationship with better mutual understanding, you need patience. 

If you are patient, consistent and hard working, you tend to achieve it all. Patience also acts as a purest form of love which is a tough nut to crack, but has a compounding effect, in general.


In this article, you will learn how patience acts as the purest form of love, importance of gratitude, concepts of endurance and security, empathy and compassion, selflessness and discover an endless journey of trust and bond.

What is patience?

Patience is the ability to remain calm and composed in a situation that requires a long waiting time but keeps you persistence. Patience is a crucial element in life that keeps us stable but keeps us on the edge of one’s seat during tough times, delays, and in the face of challenges.

Patience helps us to understand the worth of willingness and acceptance in life. It acts as a purest form of love because it helps us to experience the path of tolerance and evaluate different aspects of life and get rid of materialistic gains and cruel desires.


How to identify patience as a purest form of love?

1. Closely Intertwined in a form of relationship

Patience and love

Patience is that key of life which unlocks the door of getting pure love. Patience and pure love are related to each other because if one adopts the rules of patience in life, they understand the depth of true love that is free of any materialistic desire.Thus,relationship between patience and love teaches us the value of being patient to achieve great things in life such as pure love.

2. Practice gratitude

Gratitude makes us appreciate and acknowledge the blessings, achievements, and positive aspects in life. Whereas patience improves our tolerance levels and embraces little things with utmost happiness with a strong willingness. The combination of both builds a strong foundation for a happy life full of self love and peace.

3. Endurance and security

Endurance is the ability to stay firm and remain steadfast if any obstacles block our path. In any relationship, by having high endurance levels it helps us never to give up and stand stable. 

Endurance is an essential component for building strong relationships between love and patience as it helps us to be efficient and supportive during a difficult phase of life.

When one remains patient and reflects love towards someone, it helps them to feel safe and protected. Hence, one achieves true security and strength after learning the deep leesons of patience.

4. Empathy and compassion

Empathy refers to feeling the emotions and understanding others. After exploring the concept of empathy, it is crucial to practice empathetic listening to preserve the essence of love and patience in life. Through empathetic listening, one reflects stability and compassion. It helps to stay peaceful and avoid conflicts in life.

5. Selflessness

When we remain patient and calm, we gradually adopt the principles of being selfless and shed our greed and selfishness. Being selfless, helps us to act with kindness and prioritize the needs and well being of others. It promotes cooperation and a harmonious environment.

6. Trust and bond

The essence of patience in life makes a person achieve a strong sense of trust over our loved ones. It creates an unbreakable bond of understanding and unconditional support. The development of trust helps us to express our thoughts and feelings without fear of judgment.

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Adopting patience is an endless journey of love!

Patience helps us to navigate through difficulties in life. Adopting patience leads to an experience of getting love that does not compromise anything and is selfless. Patience helps us to appreciate every moment of life and achieve peace.

Final Thoughts

Patience is the greatest virtue in life. One should learn to be patient to create beautiful memories. Even if there are tough situations, when we are patient we cultivate the habit of being empathetic, build trust, practice gratitude, have greater endurance and security. 

Maybe this is why they say, patience is the purest form of love, where you start embracing all positives on your way.

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