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Return To Work With Some Effective Strategies After A Long Break from Work.

It is never easy to return to work after the long holidays; one feels distracted, loses focus, and feel lost about our goals, even every meeting feels like a yawning session. But what if we tell our effective strategies can change your mode. 

This year’s holidays have not been as usual for everyone as they had always been. While some have resolved to remain within the boundaries of the city or country, often referred to as a staycation, some have been able to travel to other countries.

In any case, it can be difficult to return to the normal work routine, and at times, there can be cases of what we call the “post-holiday blues.”

Thus, in this article, we discuss the phenomenon of post-vacation syndrome and collect some recommendations for the best transition to the working week.

What is post-vacation syndrome/ holiday blues?

‘Holiday blues’ or  post-vacation syndrome is a low mood that occurs after a high one. Fatigue, sleep deprivation, irritability, poor concentration, and anxiety are some of the most common signs of post-vacation syndrome. And there is another related to the same, that is the ‘post-holiday syndrome’ which refers to the discharge of stress hormones after the wedding or the holiday that has just taken place.

Another study revealed that 87 percent of respondents said they experience anxiety at the time they come back to work after a vacation. They often suffer from this type of various anxiety issues, once they return to work. Few of them are listed below:

The downside of being employed is that sometimes work can be so demanding that one feels like they need to go back to work to rest.

And often there are common challenges associated with the same such as:

These may seem overwhelming; however, it is possible to avoid post-holiday blues by following some specific strategies as listed below: 

Strategies To Return To Work After A Long Break From Work

1. Get Enough Sleep before work

Try to sleep for 7-8 hours every night to regulate the new schedule for the body and the brain. Even taking an afternoon nap for 15-20 minutes can help to rejuvenate and declutter your mind. 

2. Stay Organized

Staying organised isn’t only about time management and goal setting. But it also includes starting your day on a high note by planning what you will be wearing the next day, lunch, breakfast, gadgets and work-related belongings that you will carry the next day at work. 

And to manage time efficiently,  prepare your to-do lists, calendars, and reminders, among others.

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Stay Organised at work

3. Gradual Transition

Don’t start work immediately post-vacation, take a day long break to reflect, strategize your work, and start working from the next day. 

Post that, reinforce your way of working by extending your commitments and tasks on a small scale over the first week or a fortnight. This will help you to manage how to cope with the changes in terms of the pace so that you do not get stressed.

4. Prioritize Self-Care

Schedule events that you would consider recreational and stress-relieving, such as going to the gym, practising yoga, or engaging in some creative pursuit you enjoy. It is possible to take a break and thereafter transform and rejuvenate.

In fact, to restart and feel rejuvenated try to bring some excitement at work, by going all new and fresh. In fact, take a haircut, or buy new clothes, and bring some excitement post holiday at the workplace. This definitely helps a lot. 

5. Set Realistic Goals

There would be many emails, and there would be many undelegated tasks but setting goals we can achieve them all. This helps us to reduce work-related stress and divides your tasks and goals into more manageable doable form. 

Thus to accomplish this, adjust your expectations and make a list of goals to bear you through challenges so that you do not get discouraged by the workload.

6. Connect With Colleagues And Friends

Take the time to call your co-workers and friends to have a chat and renew your acquaintances. This will assist you in feeling as though you belong and are a part of the team once more. Ask them about the latest updates at the workplace; and stay updated. 

7. Take A Small Break In Between

It is okay to walk away and take a break whenever there is a need for one. This will help you take a break and not burn out. As delegating too many goals may invite work related stress; so it is advisable to take some coffee breaks in between, walk around and break free from anything  monotonous.

8. Practice Mindfulness

Every day, take a few minutes to practise mindfulness meditation or deep breathing techniques so that you can remain attentive at all times. Because holiday blues are for real, deep down in your mind you’d be thinking about everything good/bad that you did on holiday. 

So practicing mindfulness is a must. 

9. Celebrate Small Wins

It is also important to cherish your achievements to retain focus and interest. We Indians think that it may attract negativity, yes it does but at times people don’t even care; because down the lane everyone is celebrating their small wins, and in fact, be the person who motivates all by celebrating small wins. 

Final Thoughts

It is therefore normal for one to find it difficult to focus mentally back at work after a long holiday break, but with the right approach and the right spirit, a person can easily deal with these challenges. 

Thus, it is possible to reboot your mind by slowly going back to work, improving self-care, setting new objectives, communicating with colleagues and friends, taking some rest, and being mindful. It is important to be easier on oneself as one embraces this new schedule, and not to hesitate to seek help if it is needed.

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