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Authenticity Over Approval: Choose Between Being Liked and People-Pleasing

Have you ever found yourself in situations where you’re doing things that you don’t want to but anyway doing just for the sake of pleasing people? 

Or perhaps you’re always the one to sacrifice your own needs for the sake of others, even when it’s not convenient for you. If this sounds like you, you might be a people-pleaser. While it’s natural to want to be liked, prioritizing others over yourself but frankly speaking, it can lead to perpetual exhaustion and a gradual erosion of self-respect.

So in case you are seeking approval all the time, consistently having self-doubt, and wondering why nobody likes you anymore then you are a people pleaser. 

So here is a solution to this: use humor as your armour, and rather choose to be funny and not a people pleaser. 

And here is how we can all embrace the same.


In this article, we will discuss the ten signs why you must take a day off from your gym schedules. 

5 Powerful Ways On How You Can Be Funny And Not A People’s Pleaser?

1. Check On Your Actions To Not Be Hated by Someone

Imagine your friend invites you to karaoke, but you don’t want to humiliate yourself by declining. You fake a smile and nod, not being genuine.

Do you recognise this? 

Many of us act in this way to avoid conflict. Saying “yes” when you mean “no” creates misleading expectations for other people and hatred within yourself. It’s misleading and unsatisfactory.

It’s important to be honest with people and yourself when you take the time to check in with yourself. Even though they won’t always agree with you, people will value your honesty. Those who are unable to? Perhaps they aren’t the greatest firm in any case.

2. Put Yourself First,

Do not lose your self-respect

You will undoubtedly begin to feel bad about yourself if you continuously put other people before yourself. 

Treating oneself with the same love and care that you provide to other people is the basis of self-respect. Think: You wouldn’t ignore your friend’s emotions, would you? So why subject yourself to them?

But again, here is the thing, if someone truly understands reply to them with honesty with some humor it always works well for all. 

The important thing is to be kind to oneself. So, the next time you find yourself putting off taking care of yourself, stop. “Would I treat a friend like this?” Ask yourself. If the response is negative, it’s time to turn your attention back to yourself. Never forget that you are equally important to everyone else. 

Putting yourself first is not selfish; it’s crucial.


3. Master Your Voice With Assertiveness

The essence of assertiveness is being honest and direct without being rude. 

Imagine this: your friend continues asking you out, even though you need some alone time. Saying something like, “Thanks for the invite, but I need some me-time though,” is much more respectful than making up an excuse.

That is assertiveness.

Being assertive is being respectfully uncompromising when defending your needs. It creates a positive relationship. You share your perspective honestly, and you also make space for the other person to do the same. That brings your bond closer.

4. Act With Integrity

Integrity is essential for creating lasting connections and a strong sense of self. It’s like the glue that keeps everything together. When you possess integrity, you uphold your fundamental principles and convictions even in the face of scrutiny.

Integrity lies in acting in a trustworthy, honest, and consistent manner. It’s about keeping your word, no matter how difficult or uncomfortable it may be.

For instance, you show up on time when you agree to meet a friend for coffee because you respect and trust them. You have the strong sense that you are someone who can be trusted.

5. Balance Your Way Through Life

Life, The key to maintaining balance is to balance your needs with those of others. Consider a friend of yours who often asks for your help. You need time for yourself, but you also want to help others. 

So, rather than just responding “yes,” politely clarify that you also need to look after your own well-being. This maintains your caring attitude while establishing a sound limit.

Final Thoughts

Channel your inner Phoebe and try not to please people to a certain extent. 

So let’s be authentic without looking for acceptance from others, and let’s try to find a balance. Remember! To create real connections and maintain our authenticity, let’s embrace our individuality with humor and genuineness. 

Never forget that being funny is OK; don’t try to win over everyone.

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