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Read on to Know More the importance of Strength Training in your Fitness Regime.

Pragyan Dash

December 22, 2021. 4 minute Read

Strength Training has numerous benefits, and yes, it doesn’t make you look like a bodybuilder. Strength training is an essential aspect of any training program. It offers a multitude of benefits that we are least aware of. Many people falsely associate strength training as something that makes one lift heavy weights and makes you look like a bodybuilder.

It sounds a bit daunting if you are new to strength training. People always ask me,

“Will I look like a man if I build muscles?” Well, I sarcastically say, “do men without muscles look like women?” Therefore, the assumption does not hold true in my opinion. Strength training is crucial for everyone, whether a beginner or an elite athlete. We all have different goals when it comes to Fitness & health. This could range from reducing body fat, burning more calories, or increasing lean muscle mass. In all these cases, strength training is the answer.

the importance of strength training

So why one should undergo Strength Training and what are its Benefits?

Strength Training has numerous benefits are listed below are some of the benefits of the same.

1. Strong Bones

As we age, our bone density reduces, and we are more prone to osteoporosis, especially in women. Adequate strength training will help in maintaining bone density & preventing osteoporosis.

2. Promotes Weight Loss

If you want to lose weight, include strength training in your fitness regime that will improve your body metabolism, which will help you lose those calories that we certainly don’t need.

3. Injury prevention & Lifestyle modifications:

You don’t need to call yourself an elite athlete to strength train like one of them. A structured strength training will help prevent any injuries and protect your joints. Building muscles will help create a firmer body frame that makes your daily activities easier.

4. Boast Self Esteem & Confidence

Body positivity is a fancy term. Although it is good, but how about looking and feeling more fitter with a little extra effort you put on yourself. Research says that a proportionate body is more attractive and is more efficient.

So can we strength train at home?

This is one of the most common questions I get to hear from beginners. My answer is of course, yes. You do not need fancy gym equipment, nor do you have to splurge on gym memberships.

All you need is your body weight. If you are ready to challenge yourself, I suggest investing in a few things that will help you in the long run.

1. Body weight activities

Body weight activities like pushups, pullups, planks, lunges, and squats.

2. Resistance bands

Resistance bands are pretty inexpensive and easy to handle. I love training using them because it helps tone both muscles, thus making your goals easier to achieve.

the importance of strength training
the importance of strength training

3. Free weights like dumbbells and kettlebells

Free weights like dumbbells and kettlebells are perfect for a home workout. They will help you build those lean muscles and help you lose extra body fat.

4. NEAT (Non - Exercise activity thermogenesis)

What is NEAT? (Non – Exercise activity thermogenesis) this is nothing but all the activities that are not restricted as exercise. These activities make up a significant part of our daily energy expenditure.

Climbing stairs instead of taking an elevator, walking your dog, playing with your kids, doing chores. We tend to burn more calories while doing the daily activities instead of a 40-minute gym session and back to the desk.

the importance of strength training

Final Thoughts

The idea is to remain consistent, take adequate rest days in between & train according to your goals with professional advice.

Happy Training!

Pragyan Dash

Pragyan Dash is an aspiring Sports Medicine specialist and USATF Coach. As a recreational runner & athlete, she wants to see herself as a fitness model. As a brand ambassador for two sports brands, she believes in a cleaner and greener earth.

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