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Read on to Know More about why Antivirus is Necessary for your Computer

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January 24, 2022. 4 minute Read

Have you ever thought, what made your system performance so slow? Or have you ever, by agreeing to the terms and conditions of many pop-up ads, making it easier for some to track your behavior? Or have you ever heard people asking for Ransom by encrypting their PII and other sensitive data? 

Well, It doesn’t end here. 

Have you ever seen in any movie where a hacker tries to infect multiple computer systems with the same bot to create botnot, and this botnot remotely manages those compromised systems, steal data from infected systems, spy their activities, or attack on computer networks and websites?

Do you remember?

Maharashtra had a massive power grid failure in October 2020 which brought the entire city to a halt to which Maharashtra Cyber Department’s 100 Page report said that a malware attack was the reason for the massive power failure where 14 Trojan horses (Trojan is a malware that can make changes to your computers and carry out malicious without the consent of the victim) and 8GB of unaccounted data was installed in systems of Maharashtra State Electricity Board by some unverified sources. 

Microsoft and Windows Defender Offline do help a lot

Since we live in a digital world today, malware has become common, and the best malware easily sneaks into your computers and wipe out almost all your data. 

Microsoft takes your safety and security very seriously. And if you have the latest version of Microsoft, the good news is that some of its tools, like Windows 10, update with data definitions regularly to keep threats at its bay. 

Even Windows Defender Offline is equally helpful against malware. You can run while not staying connected to the internet using a USB drive and manage to find “harder to kill viruses.” 

So, we can still keep the virus at bay with Windows Defender Offline and Microsoft tools like Windows 10.

The Digital World We Live in

Since everything has become so digital, wherefrom downloading PDFs online to downloading various applications, these malicious coders always find a way to get into your systems.

why Your Computer System Needs an Antivirus

So What must we do?

While riding a scooter, the purpose has always been to drive safely by wearing a helmet to give yourself extra protective gear. Today, many huge money transactions occur digitally, and data gets stored in the system. But the thing is, the best malware and viruses effortlessly sneak into your computers, mobiles phones, etc. And thus, making it essential to have Antivirus on your computer systems.

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