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Learn Why Playing a Sport is Extremely Beneficial

The One Liner

May 26, 2022. 4 minute Read

Playing a sport is more than just having fun in life. People in sports know how much they learn and reap enormous benefits from the same.

If you are playing a sport, that doesn’t mean you have to play it nationally or internationally; one can make sport part of their wellness journey to build a strong body and a powerful mind.

So read on to know more to understand the enormous benefits that many can learn by playing a sport.

Sports and Fitness

While playing, your whole body muscles are engaged in hardcore physical activity in sports. And since the entire body is involved, you burn many calories in the process, which helps manage weight and gives a proper workout to the cardiovascular system.

For example, if you play football for an hour, you may lose about 575-775 calories though it depends on your weight and with intensity, you are playing the sport.

Sports Promotes Emotional Wellbeing

When you play a sport, since both body and mind are engaged, it makes an individual stronger mentally and emotionally.

In sports, win or loss is part of their sporting career. And with every loss, they try to learn things from their failures. People in sports often work on their weaknesses and improve in their next game.

This strong resilience against failures only comes when you are emotionally and mentally stronger. And you cultivate this habit when you play a sport.

Sports Changes One's Character

Playing a sport is such a joy that a whole new character you see emerges because of the sport they play. If you win the sport, you dance with joy. If you lose a point, you become aggressive. And if you lose, one accepts defeat, shakes hands, and moves on.

But stay determined.

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Sports and Teamwork

In a team sport, to win a match, every player has to contribute in some or another way, and that only happens if you communicate, cooperate and practice together positively.

It is always a fantastic experience where you learn things joyfully from people of diverse backgrounds, and it helps you uplift each other if you face any failure.

In a team, everybody engages, holds conversations, learns different skills, and motivates in both good and hard times.

Sports and Happiness

Sports can also help you improve your mood. According to some scientists, sporting activities can trigger brain chemicals that enhance your mood and make you feel happier.

Final Thoughts

Playing a sport is more than just a fitness regime.

You can understand how much sports changes a person when you see famous personalities such as Christiano Ronaldo, Virat Kohli, Sourav Ganguly, etc. The way they hold their motivational conversations, handle hardships, celebrate their success, and come out of their struggling phase proves how much playing a sport changes an individual’s personality.

In recent times, one of the best examples is 35-year-old Dinesh Karthik, who has always believed in himself. He has often been dropped from the team but worked harder to improve his game. He may have had a terrible publicized personal life, but he always makes a fantastic comeback and never gives up. Playing a sport does change an individual.

So what sport are you planning to play?

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