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9 Things that Affect your Mood and Why

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July 1, 2022. 5 minute read

In our day today, there is so much happening around; few situations can make/brake our day. 

Sometimes we feel anxious; we feel guilty; we think of something or other things that bundle us with many negative emotions.

So we researched a few things that affected our mood and explored the whys in the listed points below. 

Nine Things that affect our Mood.

1. Chose Your Friends Wisely

 great friend always encourages you, and a bad friend can demotivate you. A bit of leg pulling is fine, but you must never get used to it.

So choose your friends wisely. A wise man said once,

“One rotten apple can spoil the whole basket.”

2. Have a Proper Diet

A healthy gut often leads to a healthy mind and body. Many researchers say the Mediterranean diet is the best, which often includes fruits and vegetables and animal-based protein.

Many celebrities and influential personalities consume vegan food to have a peaceful mind. They usually consume plant-based meat or milk and have fruits and vegetables.

3. Fitness is Important

If we exercise regularly, we are happier and more optimistic. We don’t feel sluggish anymore if we exercise regularly.

Even your bone remains strong if you do yoga or lift weights in the gym.

4. Sound Sleep is a must

Getting the right amount of required sleep makes one feel rejuvenated and stress-free.

It is also essential for us to take care of what we are doing before 30 minutes going to bed, which includes no caffeine, no media, No scrolling, etc., and all these are excluded thirty minutes before going to bed.

5. Smart Work should be the Goal, not Hardwork

Multi-tasking or mono tasking will one day make you exhausted or lead to complete burnout. Multi-tasking never helps. It always makes your mind feel apart and ends up giving you bad results.  

 One of the easiest ways to tackle Complete Burnout is To 

6. "SAY NO" to Negative Media

Constantly watching a piece of particular news that has only spread negativity or has a lot of negativity can completely take over your mental health. You talk about it constantly, but the fact is it never contributes any value to life.

So, go through “The One Liner,” a platform that spreads positivity, optimism, knowledge, and hope.

7. Practice Gratitude

Practicing Gratitude every day can help to change our mood gradually. It makes us count our blessings and also changes our vision.

Every day, spend some time thinking about what you are grateful for in life. Being thankful can enhance our happiness and help us lead a positive lifestyle. It can also help build healthy relationships, have a positive mindset, and keep us grounded.

An attitude of Gratitude can go a long way.

8. Move Outside

Greenery can rejuvenate your mind and uplift your mood. Spending Time around Trees has many benefits, such as 

9 Things that Affect your Mood and Why

9. Wake Up in the Morning, But Don't Scroll First

Our social media has a lot of both negativity and positivity. And since morning shows the day, let’s attract positivity first; rest can wait where we meditate, exercise, and eat healthy breakfast.

Final Thoughts

Lately, I have been listening to BK Shivani’s videos on youtube. She keeps saying a few things that are common to every situation.

A few of them are; to read good things, sleep on time, meditate before going to sleep, meditate in the morning, eat healthy food or have satvik bhojan, and not scroll endlessly before going to sleep.

Our nature has set some rules for us, so let’s stick to them and have a great life ahead.

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