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It’s Better To Be An Early Bird Than Night Owl. Morning Power To Unlock Peak Productivity!

While the sun is still covered by clouds and the moon is taking its time to hide within them, there is a hymn of “Om” around, and birds chirp with excitement. Perhaps this is why we were always advised to wake up early and seek the advantage of being an early bird.

You know, the most common advice successful people give is to start early.

That doesn’t mean being a night owl is absurd. Because waking up early is either genetics or something we need to work upon. This means that the circadian rhythm is influenced by our genetics, so basically, there are people who feel more energetic early in the morning and tend to wake up early effortlessly.

No one is asking you to become an early bird or change your routine for the day. Rather do things that you must do. It is observed that people or the so called night owls who are around the age group of 18-34 mostly stay late at night. Experts say that for this age, their system remains unaffected, but for the rest, it is not advisable to do so.

As said, “The morning is the foundation upon which the rest of the day is built.”

People such as Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, Michelle Obama, Indra Nooyi, Richar Branson and take into account most of the successful people in India all start early in the morning around 3 to 5 am.

Waking up early is not a new idea to Indians, this is something our culture promotes left, right and centre. 

So, we have listed a few reasons why being an early bird can save you more time, enhance your productivity and promote the overall well being of an individual.

Well! Why iIt is better to be Early Bird than Night Owl.

You have extra time to plan.

Getting up early helps you avoid late-night cramming and allows you to finish any unfinished tasks from the day before.

Early mornings are often an extension of the previous day, and it is essential to make the most of it. Additionally, for those who enjoy watching the sunrise and experience the first light of day, gradually develop the habit of waking up early in the morning.

Waking up early also allows you to make strategic decisions and evaluate potential challenges as well

You bypass the need to rush!

Rising early in the morning provides ample time to prepare and plan for the way.

You can organise, make your to-do lists, and prioritise your tasks accordingly without the pressure of impending deadlines and thus help you kickoff the day with a bang. 

Also, you get extra time to enjoy the first meal of the day, how about some hot parathas out of the pan?

You embrace the power of sunlight.

Waking up early allows you to capitalise on exposure to natural sunlight, which helps regulate sleep hormone. Also, early mornings offer clean air and oxygen levels, especially in a natural environment which is good for your overall well being.

By waking up early and being energised with nature, you can set a vibrating tone for your day, which is a good start for a productive day.

You are always on time and now follow a proper routine

If you were a night owl until this point, I’m sure you thought of switching your routine, but let us tell you the tougher side of waking up early is actually being consistent in your routine and following the same routine.

Building a disciplined routine and being persistent with it is important for every early riser, leading to increased productivity and growth. In fact, you have more time for yourself, you have time to spend with your family, etc. 

Mind, Sleep
Mind, Sleep
Mind, Sleep

Have improved focus and concentration

The morning environment is often peaceful and free from distractions. This environment allows you to focus on deep learning and the important tasks of the day.

Often after a healthy sleep, your body is more driven towards your goals. Waking up earlier than others can also enhance your cognitive abilities, including your focus and concentration as well.

You can also use this time for activities like exercise, meditation, or planning your schedule, which can help set a positive tone for the day and improve focus.

Embrace The Power Of Manifestation

Early morning hours are often quieter and less chaotic, providing an ideal environment for reflection, visualisation, and planning. Often early birds who wake up during brahma muhurta manifest their with clear mindset and higher self during these hours. 

Also, your mind is often fresher and more focused in the morning, making it easier to concentrate on your dreams and aspirations without all those clutter and noise around daily activities.

Early mornings can be used for personal growth activities such as meditation, journaling, visualisation, and self-affirmations.

You make time to exercise in the early morning

Morning exercise can increase your energy levels and help you feel more awake and alert throughout the day. It jump-starts your metabolism and stimulates the production of endorphins, providing a natural energy boost.

By exercising in the morning, you can enhance your focus and productivity, making it easier to tackle tasks and stay concentrated throughout the day.

But please note that experts recommended sleeping for a minimum of 6-8 hours for all the early birds. 

You get enough time to plan for your evening

Use the extra time in the morning to create to-do lists or plan your schedule for the evening. This allows you to prioritise tasks, allocate time for important activities, and ensure that you make the most of your evening hours.

Take advantage of the early morning hours to set yourself up for a productive evening.

This may involve organising your workspace, laying out materials for upcoming projects or tasks, shopping, dinner or preparing any necessary equipment or tools in advance.

As suggested by Ayurveda

Ayurveda emphasises living in harmony with nature’s rhythms, including the daily cycle of the sun. Waking up early, ideally before sunrise, allows individuals to synchronise their internal body clocks with the natural cycles of light and darkness.

Ayurveda suggests waking up early to promote physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. This practice aligns with the body’s natural rhythms and creates a foundation for a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Final thoughts

So basically, waking up early saves a major part of your day as you use the first part of the day to plan and the rest of the day is just for the execution of all those plans to complete all the tasks and be productive.

Obviously, no one is forcing you to wake up early, dear night owls. Your success is not defined by your alarms but depends upon the amount of productivity you show while working.

The best way to check whether you can change your routine and work in the morning is to wake up early and know which routine suits you best.

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