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Smart ways to Stay Naturally Cool: 10 Coolest tips and tricks on How to keep rooms cooler without AC.


In this article get aware about ten coolest tips and tricks on how to keep rooms cooler without AC.

Ditch the artificial chillness and explore the hacks of keeping yourself naturally cool. 

Yes, you heard it right. 

This summer get ready to know about the coolest tips and tricks of keeping your room cool without the use of an air conditioner. Stay comfy and refreshed in your own space without stressing your wallet. Explore these cool summer hacks and enjoy this season with a natural touch. 

So, turn off your AC and try something new!

Tips for Keeping your room cool without AC

1. Block the heat

The first thing you can do to keep your room cool is to block the heat from entering your room. You can close your windows and curtains during the afternoon. Close the doors of unused rooms. Turn off all the unnecessary appliances to avoid unnecessary heat produced. 

Adding some shade outside your home will also help you to keep your room cool. Open all the windows when the temperature drops. 

Breathe in cool fresh air.

2. Hang out in the evening

Hanging out in the evening is a great option to stay naturally cool during summers. If you live close to mountains, the sea or rivers, hanging out in the evening is the best option. 

The cool breeze energises your body and purifies your soul.

3. Cover Windows

Curtains can help in preventing the sunlight from entering your room and making your room cooler. 

Having curtains can block 76% of the sunlight that enters your room and later turns into heat.  By closing your room’s windows and curtains during the day time, one can easily block the heat from entering into your room and thus, eventually make your room cooler.

4. Optimise the Use of Fans

You should optimise the use of fans in order to keep your room cool without an AC. You can ideally use fans instead of ACs to keep your room cooler.  You can run your ceiling fan and can flush out the warm air inside the room to make it cool. 

You can run the ceiling fan all night in order to keep circulating the air and maintain a good temperature inside your room. But don’t use your fan for more than 8 hours continuously as it may overheat or damage the fan.

5. Turn on Exhaust Fans

Turn on the exhaust fans in your kitchens and bathrooms to evacuate heat produced from the shower and kitchen appliances which will eventually cool down your room. 

6. Turn Off Lights

Be it bulbs or tube lights, always turn off unnecessary lights in your room to minimise the heat produced and decrease the room temperature. 

7. Avoid/ skip using heat-producing appliances

Electrical Appliances such as an induction cooker, microwave oven, hair blower, kettle, toaster, etc, can produce heat and increase the temperature of your room. 

All these appliances contribute to making your room warmer during summers. Therefore avoid using such appliances as much as you can, so that your room remains cool and comfortable.

8. Open Windows at Night

At night, when the temperature drops, and the weather becomes much cooler, open windows with good music can bring down the room temperature. 

9. Heat-Proof Your Bed

Use a cooling mattress topper to make your mattress feel more breathable and relaxed. You can even use cooler pillows. 

Use high-quality cotton, Tencel, or bamboo ray to make your mattresses more breathable and effortlessly cool. 

Using breathable quality pillows and bed sheets allows you to sleep comfortably during summer without using the air conditioner.

10. Albedo Roof

Albedo roofs are a great choice for keeping your room cool without the use of an AC. These roofs reflect the sunlight rather than absorbing it. Albedo roofs are of white in colour which reflect the sunlight back. This helps in keeping your room cool and comfortable. 

Final Thoughts

Considering the temperature outdoors in summer, day by day, it is becoming impossible to live without air conditioners. However, we can always try ways to keep ourselves naturally more relaxed in the hot summer, as suggested above. 

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