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One Game, Many Emotions: Explore why such a huge hype around IPL 2024.

Are you an IPL fan?

From former players roasting the current lot to some crazy team management hassles, this IPL season has every drama that is making us go crazy for this IPL season.  

From trending hashtags to gramming every hit and miss, cricket is a passion that runs in the background, even if you are working on a Laptop or rolling chapatis. 

Ah! Work on your laptop or roll your chapatis; this is two months long sporting entertainment. 

With exciting teams, outstanding players, big-big sixes, and surprising dives, cricket is a sport that’s always valued and enjoyed In India. Almost everyone is passionate about the sport, their teams and their favourite players.

They miss a shot, we shout, “Oh! No.”. They hit a Six! We celebrate. It becomes a roller coaster ride for every cricket lover. 

Almost every respective team’s fans are as loyal as any Indian fan. For example, RCB. Royal Challengers Bangalore has one of India’s biggest and most loyal fan bases worldwide, who never lifted the trophy but is still a fan favourite every time.

This is not all!

From Gambhir screwing Virat Kohli to sudden brotherhood between the two this season. Cricket is an entertaining drama for Indians that has something very Bollywood for its Indian audience. 

But no IPL is Possible without the inclusion of Stars.

The inclusion of stars in the IPL is one of the big reasons behind the massive hype around IPL 2024. From the opening to the closing ceremony, Indian fans love to enjoy the captivating performances of renowned playback singers and stars from India. 

Ashish Nehra, coach of Gujrat Titans

But we have many emerging stars here!

Nehraji has been a star of IPL ever since he started coaching GT.

Not only Nehraji, but you can watch almost all retired cricketing stars in IPL 2024. 

For example, the Thala for a reason, MS Dhoni, is why many fans flock to the stadium and Jio Cinema to watch the IPL. And Nehraji is that star coach who actually leads the Gujarat Titans, just like every football coach.

But here is a game-changer!

There is a new era coming in.

And there is a rise of Local Lads.

People are excited to watch the rise of a different era with local lads like Rinku Singh and Harshal Patel. The audience is excited to watch their performance in the tournament. With the expansion of the IPL squads, new and younger players have joined the team and contributed to the hype of the IPL. They have the opportunity to showcase their talents and skills on the field. These local lads are increasing the excitement and making the game more interesting.

But who is pumping money into the system?

Fans and Advertisements!

The IPL’s advertisements have engaged the audience nationwide and made it even more enjoyable. The ads feature different sports stars and film stars. MS Dhoni, Rohit Sharma, Preity Zinta, Samantha, etc., are the artists starring in the ads. 

Dream 11 still dominates JIO Cinema and often pops on my Instagram stories, in general. 

Both Jiocenema and Tata Play are sponsoring it and contributing to the hype around the IPL.

But Fans Above all!

Some initiatives of the IPL Committee for fans in India

The IPL committee has taken many initiatives to enhance the competition, entertainment, and fan engagement. They have introduced a new two-bouncers rule, where bowlers can send down up to two bouncers per over, which will make the game more interesting and unpredictable. 

According to a report, the BCCI will also set up fan parks across 50 cities during the IPL to engage more and more people and make it a more exciting tournament by increasing the hype of the IPL.

Final Thoughts

So, who are you supporting this IPL Season? 

Vote now! 

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