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Ditch the Sun and stay gorgeous: 8 Essential skincare tips for the summer


 In this article, you will learn about eight hottest tips and tricks for summer-ready skin.

Summer is here!

Beat the heat, ditch your scarf, and get breezy with the hottest tips and tricks for summer-ready skin. Sunscreen is just not enough; there is so much more to it. 

So pamper your skin, glow naturally, follow the skin-care ritual and beat the heat with skin that radiates confidence, grace and beauty.

8 hottest tips and tricks for summer-ready skin.

1. Clean/ Wash your face

In summer, our face is exposed to constant heat and humidity. So, to remove excessive oil from our face, cleaning and rinsing our face is essential to make our skin summer-ready. 

Excess oil on our skin can block our pores and lead to acne. By cleaning and rinsing our face regularly, we can remove excess oil, making our skin look smoother and healthier—and so summer-proof.

2. Chose Products wisely according to your skin type

If you have oily skin and it is summer- go for sunscreen lotion for oily skin. If you have dull skin- buy products that are for dull skin, and so on. Different skin types require different skincare products. 

We all should be aware about our skin type so that we buy our skincare products accordingly. Remember! In an oily skin our focus should be to control excessive oil production  and in sensitive skin our focus should be how we can control irritation. 

So we need to choose our products wisely and as per our skin types. For example, hazelnuts which is non-greasy works best for oily skin, and etc.

3. Use Antioxidants

The harsh UV rays of sun can damage your skin and can cause acne, breakouts, dark spots and hyperpigmentation. Hence to avoid various skin issues, we must follow a diet that’s highly rich in antioxidants. 

You can include antioxidants in your diet  such as watermelons, cranberries, mango, papaya, tomatoes, red grapes, etc. Anyways they are the ones which grow locally around this season. 

Thus, eating clean and healthy can clean our body internally and can eventually make our skin look healthy and glowing.

4. Wearing a Sunscreen is highly recommended!

Wearing sunscreen is highly recommended during summers as it helps in protecting your skin from harmful sun rays. It prevents your skin from getting tanned. It will improve your skin texture and make your skin look glowing. 

Too much exposure to UV rays can also lead to skin cancer, by using an effective sunscreen you can prevent it. Selecting a sunscreen that suits your skin type is important. It should provide protection to your skin for a longer time period so that you can stay out for longer durations without getting sunburned or tanned.

5. Can use Moisturisers as well

Moisturisers help you in hydrating your skin. It improves our skin texture and prevents skin disorders. 

For smooth skin, moisturising your skin is a must. Moisturising our skin regularly can improve our skin brightness and make our skin look much healthier. Moisturisers also prevent acne formation. It helps our skin to  glow naturally and make our skin much smoother.

6. Drink Plenty of Water

Ditch the sodas, and drink plenty of water now.

Water is the solution for multiple body issues including skin disorders. In summers, often our body gets dehydrated quickly, drinking plenty of water can keep our body so hydrated. 

Drinking enough water helps us in regulating your body temperature in the hot and humid atmosphere of summer. It cleans your body internally and makes your skin healthier and glowing.

7. Eat fruits and natural ingredients

Eating healthy food is necessary for maintaining a healthy body and skin.

By eating fruits and natural ingredients during summer, you can anti oxidise your body. This will make your body internally clean and make your skin look glowing and healthy. 

During summer, we sweat a lot and this increases the requirement of nutrients and fluids in your body. Fruits are the best options in this situation. They are full of vitamins and minerals. They can keep your body hydrated throughout the summer.

8. Don't let your body dehydrate

Being hydrated can make your body internally clean and eventually make your skin healthier. Your body is 70 percent of waterI. In summers, because of excessive sweating, you lose a huge amount of fluid from your body which results in dehydration. 

In order to prevent getting dehydrated, you should frequently drink water and should eat fruits so that the water level is maintained in your body. You can even have an ORS solution to keep yourself hydrated. By keeping our body hydrated you can make your skin glowing and healthier.

Final Thoughts

In summer, our skin can become dehydrated, tanned, or dull and dry. To prevent our skin from being further damaged by the sun, we must follow a proper skincare routine, which includes frequently washing our faces, choosing the right skincare products, and hydrating ourselves day in and day out. 

By following these tips and tricks, we all can make your skin look so glowy and radiant. 


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