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How To Keep Calm Under Pressure

Pavani Mantripragada

February 24, 2023. 3 minute Read

How To Keep Calm Under Pressure


People who are calm often deal with pressure with more maturity and have a cool mind. They barely react to grim situations un-necessarily. “

Pressure is a part of life, and we need to accept it to win. When you have a big goal to accomplish, then you will have thousands of pressures over you trying to crush your goals but knowing the ways to remain calm under pressure can help you at that point of interval.. 

No matter what the situation is, one must know how to keep calm under pressure because it is actually a superpower.In Fact, an individual fails to perform under pressure and can’t find ways to recover when they are hit by something that’s totally unexpected. But once you develop a calm mindset, then an individual becomes more optimistic and even performs better when they focus on the things that are important. 


yasmaannodvijate loko lokaannodvijate cha yah | 

harshhamarshhabhayodvegairmuk- to yah sa cha me priyah || 

Bhagwat Gita, Chapter 12, Verse 15 .

“He, by whom the world is not agitated and whom the world cannot agitate, he who remains calm in times of joy, anger, fear and anxiety, is dear to me.”

The quote above teaches one to remain calm and composed, both in times of joy and in sorrow to help one maintain a sense of equanimity.


So here is the list of Five things that can help you to remain calm under pressure – 

1. Set your Priorities Right 

Start every day by creating and reviewing your to-do list and rearrange your task list as per your requirement and your priorities. By doing so, you can control your workflow by setting realistic goals about what you need to get done each day. One must never overwhelm themselves with their workload. If you feel your schedule is too overwhelming, setting priorities also allows you to change the deadlines of the tasks that are least important.

2. Follow relaxing breathing techniques

Deeply inhale through your nose, making sure to breathe not just into your chest but also your belly. After taking a brief pause, slowly and steadily exhale carbon dioxide through your mouth. Spend a few minutes just breathing like that, and you will feel more at ease. 

The body begins to relax and stop producing stress hormones while breathing slowly and deeply, as we mentioned. By focusing on your breathing, you can help divert your attention from whatever is upsetting you so that you can pay attention to what is going on right now and what is the most critical work on your list now. 

How To Keep Calm Under Pressure
How To Keep Calm Under Pressure
How To Keep Calm Under Pressure

3. Practise Mindful Meditation 

When you get under immense pressure, then it works like an outburst of a strong storm that has no control, and you feel like everything is falling apart. One thing you can try to get that feeling under control is to practise mindfulness meditation for a short period. Just forget about everything and throw all the negative thoughts out of your head and try to make your brain accessible with no strings attached.

4. Focus on Positive things

Most of the time, we start to panic because we think that everything is falling apart and nothing is on track, and when that negativity grasps our minds, we forget about everything that’s on track. 

One of the best ways to remain calm under pressure is to focus on positive things in your life. Try to shift your point of view from pessimistic to optimistic. 

5. Strictly follow Six to Eight Sleep Schedules

When you fail to have a decent number of sleep hours, your mind is tired, and body gives up. Experts advise Individuals to sleep for a maximum of six to eight hours every night. With a better sleep schedule, You will have a much better mental state when you can get this recommended amount of sleep. 

Here is the thing, stress and worry frequently create insomnia, which puts you in a vicious loop where you can’t sleep and feel worse because you haven’t gotten enough rest. Infact, one must sleep well, especially if you’re stressed out. A person with the good amount of sleep is more capable of coping up with stress.

How To Keep Calm Under Pressure
How To Keep Calm Under Pressure

6. Exercise Regularly to have stress free Mind 

First of all, you don’t have to start working out every day to manage your stress. All you have to do is exercise for twenty minutes daily in a method that makes your heart rate high. A quick walk in the neighbourhood, a yoga class, or a short tennis game in the evening would all be beneficial. When it comes to managing stress and coping with outside pressure, exercise is just as crucial as sleep. Exercise helps you think more clearly and causes the body to release feel-good hormones.

Psychologist Suggetion
Pressure is a feeling that arises due to stressful demands imposed on the person. Though a small amount of pressure can be beneficial, as it improves performance and keeps us motivated, it can do more harm than good if the pressure exceeds it. Pressure can also be seen as “Stress” as it invokes a “Fight or flight” response in our body, often disrupting our emotions and behavior.

Staying calm under pressure is essential and beneficial as staying calm allows us to focus better, stay relaxed and overcome challenges optimistically.

Final thoughts 

Pressure is a ubiquitous part of our lives, and to live happily and accomplish our goals, we need to learn how to cope with stress and stay calm under pressure. The six ways that we shared are surely going to benefit you if you want to fight stress.

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