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This v/s That: Would you Rather Choose French or Indian Cuisine? (An Ultimate Guide)


In this article, we will learn about the difference between French and Indian Cuisine and also French influence on Indian Cuisine, and also what’re the unique reasons for the popularity of both of these cuisines.

Further, through our brief research from Chef Devsmit, you will understand more about both Indian and French Cuisine.

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Most Indians eat to live. Indians are highly enthusiastic about trying different cuisines. We are constantly exploring to taste new dishes and cuisines.

But do Indians crave International Cuisines?

Different international cuisines have been popular in India, from French to Chinese or Mughlai to Continental. 

Historical events like colonization are a primary reason behind the existence of such diverse food options in the land of India. 

Every state of this country has its favorite meal, and each can make you fall in love with that. 

But today, we will not talk about those cuisines. Instead, let’s learn more about French Cuisine and its influence on India.

French cuisine vs Indian cuisine
Tandoori with meat
French cuisine vs Indian cuisine


How is French Cuisine different from Indian Cuisine?

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One of the most significant differences between the two cuisines is the use of chilies. 

Indians are extremely fond of spicy foods, and they love having that spice in every dish they cook, from paneer to chicken to dal. But the French prefer something other than spicy food.

However, Indians aren’t fond of piquant sauce (a spicy, tomato-based stew made with any meat), a chief ingredient in most French delicacies. We Indians use a lot of different spices, which is not a common thing in French Cuisine. 

The French also don’t use tandoor, while tandoori roti, or meat, is a prevalent dish in India. The French often prefer sausages, cured meat, and terrines more. 

Ingredients are also crucial because French Cuisine relies on fewer components. However, in Indian cooking, we tend to add many ingredients to make it spicy and tasty. 

Another difference is that French cuisines serve a sassy taste, but Indian Cuisine they are more bold and spicy. 

Another big difference is that while Indians use Ghee as a substitute for butter in most places, replacing le beurre (butter) in France is not a likely option.

Key Takeaway

Everything has contributed to the difference between cuisines, from using butter to several spices.

How did French cuisine influence Indian cuisine?

In simple words,

The influence came from the time of the French colonization of India. The result of French is more visible in Indian Cuisine in Pondicherry especially. 

In Pondicherry, French Cuisine is mixed with the Tamilian cooking style to give birth to new tastes and dishes. You can also see the influence of Portuguese Cuisine there. 

Some of the Popular Dishes from French Cusine Indian Cuisine in Pondicherry are:

French cuisine vs Indian cuisine

1. Pastry

The pastry is one of the most famous French foods prevalent in India today. Today you can find a lot of pastry shops in the country, but this food is a French dessert, which also helps to prove the supremacy of French desserts.

French cuisine vs Indian cuisine
Creme Brûlée

2. Creme Brûlée

French gastronomy has also had a significant influence in India. Creme Brûlée is another famous French dish that’s available in India. It is also a dessert made with rich custard topped with caramelized sugar. 

French styles, like sauces, broths, and compotes while serving the dishes, are also famous in India.

Some duck meat-based dishes of French origin have also gained fame in India with time. You always find a twist in many Indian dishes these days. 

Indian dishes that are similar to French dishes. Listed below are some of the famous Indian dishes which are very similar to French Cusine:

1. Poulet rôti

Poulet rôti, also known as roasted chicken, is made by roasting the meat while Rotating it on fire. They roast the chicken with its fat and juice.

2. Coq au vin

Coq au vin is a preparation of chicken. It is a French dish where they braise the chicken with wine, lardons, mushrooms, and you might add garlic too.

3. Ratatouille

It is a French vegetable stew made with eggplant, tomatoes, and bell pepper. You can also make it by adding some Indian spices to it.

What makes Indian Cuisine so unique?

Let's dive deep into it,

From different types of spices to different aromas, many things contribute to the uniqueness of Indian Cuisine. Indians can make oily and spicy foods on the one hand and healthy, nutritious food on the other. 

The diversity of the culture of this country is also visible in the feeding habits of the citizens. 

There ate many types of herbs available in India that they use for cooking. 

The spices not only add taste to the food but also add aroma, and some herbs also have significant health benefits. Other than that, the influence of different cultures has also contributed to making delicious Indian Cuisine. 

From Mughals to French or Portuguese to Chinese, Indian Cuisine is influenced by cuisines worldwide. All these things are the reasons that make Indian Cuisine so unique.

Key Takeaway

The versatility of Indian Cuisine and the use of different spices have undoubtedly contributed to its uniqueness of Indian Cuisine.

Why is French Cuisine so famous?

Let's answer it,

There are several reasons behind the immense popularity of French Cuisine worldwide. The Cuisine spread out of France’s borders due to the colonization that the French started. 

The French cooking technique is also very famous, complementing French Cuisine. The excellent presentation methods used by them have also helped the Cuisine to get popular worldwide.

Key Takeaway

Different cooking techniques of French Cuisine have made this famous.

Final Thoughts

In simpler words,

India is a land of cultural diversity. Everything has a diverse range in this land, from dressing to food culture. 

We see many foreign influences in our country, such as architecture, food, and language. The French result is also the same. 

But the introduction of delicious French food items has been perfect as it can satisfy the taste buds of Indians.

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