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Want to have a fun and healthy weekend? Here are the 17 Tips and Tricks for all. (An Ultimate Guide)


In this article, we will learn how to spend your weekends by taking care of your health simultaneously.

It’s Sunday, and you’re already dreamy about how you will spend your perfect weekend sleeping, eating rich, high-calorie food and drinking, and making the most out of the weekend. We know the feeling.

But let’s take a beat to think about how it affects our health and lifestyle. 

How are we losing our only chance at putting our health first? 

Don’t worry! We have a list of healthy habits to which you can stick and thus spend a happy and relaxing weekend while enhancing your wellness.

Let's dive right in..

Weekends are for fun and parties. But if you’re trying to be fit or struggling with your health, you may need to work on redefining your weekends. You can indeed have fun, go out, watch movies, catch up with friends, or go shopping, but taking care of your health in this leisure time is something you owe to yourself, don’t you?

You might have weird food fetishes and cravings, such as a big fat hamburger. 

But as strong as those feelings are, let’s sacrifice these explorations and get started to develop a healthy body this weekend. 

You would need more than limiting your food exploration. You will also need to take more steps to ensure you have a fit and healthy weekend. 

You have landed the best wellness Factor, “The One Liner,” to learn some weekend habits to stay fit as a fiddle!

Here’s the checklist you need this weekend. So, grab your markers, and let’s get started!

Top 14 healthy weekend habits - The Ultimate Checklist!

Should we consider having the upcoming weekend as a day to sleep off all day? 

We all have been there, and trust me, while following this ultimate checklist may not lead you to Alice’s wonderland, it can surely lead you to feel better about yourself several times over.

Let's dive right in!

Stay Engaged in Fitness Activities

In this technology-oriented era, we spend most of our time with a desk, a chair, and a laptop, with fingers tirelessly working out the whole weekdays. At the same time, the rest of our body parts enjoyed a never-ending vacation. 

Weekends are a great time to put them through some workout sessions

Here are some tips:

Healthy weekend tips
Women Swimming

1. Join a swimming pool Classes

Studies have proved that swimming burns between 300 to 600 calories per hour on average. So go check out your nearest swimming hubs! 

While you can spend some quality time chilling at the pool, there is an excellent chance to socialize with other people out there.

Healthy weekend tips
Zumba Class

2. Join a Zumba class

Zumba is hands down the easiest to follow and a fun workout for people of all ages.

Talking in terms of calories, an average person burns 450-700 calories per hour at Zumba. That’s even better than swimming.

3. Register for weekly marathons.

Though running marathons is not everyone’s cup of tea, completing one gives you a surplus of happiness and a sense of euphoria.

Set your goals according to your personal fitness levels and try to achieve them this weekend, and guess what? Flex on social media!

Key Takeaway

Remember your workout schedules on weekends.

4. Explore healthy food options.

When it’s the weekend, we plan to try something new or cook a new dish at home. 

There are many food bloggers. Do search them on Google and try different healthy recipes and a treat for your taste buds! But what about cooking some healthy dishes this weekend?

Seven healthiest food that you can make at home while enjoying your weekend:

It’s better to prepare a dish at home that’s tasty and healthy than to go out and eat spicy foods and gain nothing but some extra calories.

Key Takeaway

Try recipes by different food bloggers and chefs and tag them on your Instagram handle. Trust me; it’s addictive in a good way!

Healthy weekend tips
Healthy Food

5. Maintain regular eating habits

When you wake up, you may consider skipping your breakfast, not having dinner on time, and having it late at night. 

Breaking your daily eating habits or eating very little at times has severe effects on your body, disturbing the body’s circadian rhythm.

A person’s daily calorie requirement generally requires 2.000 – 3,000 calories per day in adult males and 1,600-2,400 in adult females. 

If you eat three meals a day, you should consume 30-35% of your daily calories for breakfast, 35-40% for lunch, and 25-35% for dinner

Restricting your daily calorie intake can have unpleasant side effects such as:

  • Fatigue
  • Nausea
  • Dehydration
  • Constipation
  • Headaches
  • Crabbiness

So it’s essential to follow your usual healthy eating plan carefully during the week so you can splurge a little when the weekend comes.

Key Takeaway

Your eating habits define your body’s circadian rhythm, disturbing that it may cause some serious ill effects.

Healthy weekend tips
Friends on Drive

6. Go outdoors

If you’re a freelancer or someone doing a remote job, you spend most of your weekdays sitting at home and doing your work. But we need to get in touch with nature. 

The weekend presents an excellent opportunity to get outside, see the sun, and get in touch with nature because the majority of us spend daylight hours at work indoors. 

If you plan to go to a beach, the person may be very cheerful and carefree; a mountain person may appear to be very calm and composed and still be happy at the same time. 

Planning a vacation induces joy that may come from taking time off from work, and feeling more energetic and less stressed, which helps clear out unnecessary thoughts throughout the week.

Key Takeaway

Go out and get in touch with nature on weekends.

Healthy weekend tips
Girl Drinking Water

7. Limit your Drinking

Some of you may consider celebrating your weekends with drinks. That’s risky! On weekends people may lose control and drink more than their limit. 

Drinking beyond your limit can have many side effects, such as

Remember, enjoyment is fantastic, but not at the cost of your health.

Key Takeaway

Try to avoid drinking in extremity during weekend parties.

Girl Drinking Water
Man Taking Break

8. Take a Break From Digital World

We are surrounded by gadgets from Monday to Friday – from our work computers, our phones for social media and calls, TV for movies and sports, and our iPads and tablets in bed—and it never seems to stop. 

You constantly stimulate your brain, and it is challenging for your body to unwind and sleep, mainly if you undertake these activities just before bed. 

Digital Eye Burn is a recent phenomenon that can result from the modern light electronics emit. This weekend, you completely

Key Takeaway

Detach yourself from technology on weekends and give your brain some rest.

Plan something exciting

We spend our whole week at work. From morning to night, every day of the week, we have a sedentary lifestyle with gadgets and do our work. 

Remember! Our brain needs some entertainment too. 

Working every day and not taking rests on weekends may also cause burnout, and that’s dangerous. Even if you’re going through very hectic days, don’t let those work pressures spoil your weekends. 

Plan something for the days starting with ‘S’ that will make you generally happy and refreshed so you can productively work on coming weekdays. And it can be anything as listed below:

10. Plan a Picnic

A picnic is a great way to spend time with your loved ones. Pick a scenic spot and pack some snacks and games to maximise your time together.

11. Host a Movie Night

Choose a movie everyone can enjoy, and invite your family and friends for a cozy night. Remember the popcorn!

12. Take a Hike

Get some fresh air and exercise by hiking with your loved ones. It’s an excellent opportunity to catch up and enjoy the great outdoors.

13. Organise a Potluck

Host a potluck dinner where everyone brings a dish to share. It’s a great way to try new foods and spend quality time with loved ones.

14. Play Games

Spend a fun-filled afternoon playing board games, card games, or outdoor games like frisbee or volleyball.

Key Takeaway

Do things that make you happy on weekends.

Final Thoughts

In short

Weekends are there for you to enjoy and recharge for your upcoming work. But it would help if you cared for your mental, emotional, and physical health. It would help if you also prepared for your forthcoming week during your weekends to create a flow.

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