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Forget Everything You’ve Ever Known About Seven Pillars of Wellbeing.

Diptaraj Bhaduri

January 16, 2023. 4 minute Read

“Ah! it’s getting harder every day and much more hectic than I expected” – is this what you say to yourself every day then we know that you are not happy in your life maybe you’re not doing well in a certain sector of your life. We understand your problem because a lot of people face it. Everyone is trying to do their best but are somehow getting stuck with some other problem but now here you will get all the solution that will help you to stay happily.

Let’s know some aspects or pillars of well-being that you need to take care of if you want to live a happy life and come out of the loop of regret and complaints.

In today’s world, everyone is injected with toxic positivity by the social media influencers and one of the things they do is try to make you robots. Most of the young people are just concerned about career and don’t even care about their friends and family and even their own health but that’s very bad for everyone because sacrificing everything and everyone of your life for success is not worth it.

Why Is Well-Being Improtant?

Today, we get so tense about one particular small thing be it relationship, finance or maybe job or business that we forget that life doesn’t end there. Life is full of many other things that we need to take care of to live in joy and that’s the reason that we need to take care of every aspect of our life. 

But don’t take pressure because you’re reading an article of One liner and we are always here to help you. So now let’s know different pillars of wellbeing and how to maintain them.

Seven pillars of wellbeing

1. Occupational well-being

Occupational well being is mostly about your job or business. First of all to have a happy occupational life you must try to find that job that gives you genuine happiness and that feels like a game while performing rather than some hard energy sucking work. Many people in this world are very depressed about their work life because maybe their boss is not good or they are not paid enough but the only thing you can do there is to move on and get a new job and that becomes easy when you are the best at your job.Ups and downs are part of a job or business but if you are really obsessed about the work you do then you will not see the failures as anything negative rather you will try to go with the positive things and finally win the game.

2. Spiritual wellbeing

Most of the time we become heavy-hearted because we try to fix it all by ourselves but that’s not possible every time. Sometimes we need to keep some work left for the almighty because we can’t do everything and he may have some different plan for you than what you think so sometimes the solution of the problem is to pray. Gratitude is a feeling that comes from spiritualism and that also helps a lot in our life because we understand that we have succeeded because of many people and their smallest of efforts. You can start writing journals and practicing gratitude to stay spiritually happy. 

Seven Pillars of Wellbeing
Seven Pillars of Wellbeing

3. Financial wellbeing

One of the biggest sources of depression and anxiety for humankind is the lack of flow of necessary wealth. Most people end up being broke. Finance is a very important part of life and in today’s date it has become really tough and close to impossible to live a life happily without money. Money is required to provide quality healthcare for your family to quality education for your kids. Due to high inflation it has become tough to maintain a normal living standard with our primary income. You can try different things to maintain a financially stable life – spending time with family rather than going out and partying, saving money by stopping unnecessary shopping and eating out frequently, avoiding debt and investing your money (for investment helps you can read our article).

4. Physical Wellbeing

We don’t give a lot of care to our body shape and health but the thing is that with a good body shape we get more self confidence and less self doubt. Exercise is known to be a tool against fighting depression. To enjoy your life to the fullest , we need to take care of our health. It’s not possible to do really hard work or enjoy our life if we are dealing with some physical problems. 

To stay physically well you must try these things – get adequate sleep, eat nutritious foods, avoid junk foods, avoid alcohol, smoking and tobacco, do exercise or yoga or hit the gym, eat more vegetables and fruits.

5. Social Wellbeing

According to a survey 33% of people feel loneliness in their life. Social wellbeing is all about how you interact with people and around and the quality of relationships that you have in your life rather than the number of friends you have. Social wellbeing also depends on your hobbies and your passion and whatever you do in your leisure time. To maintain a proper social life – you can join clubs, start playing group sports, be open to new people and new experiences, start accepting that every person you meet is not going to stay with you forever, balance personal and social life, and get indulged in different kinds of activities.

6. Emotional Wellbeing

Emotional breakdowns are one of the biggest problems for the new generation. But it’s very important to take care of your emotions and stop expecting a lot from others and start enjoying the journey irrespective of how other people react to it. Most of the time we feel low just because someone else thought that we are not good enough or maybe we expected a lot from the person in front of us.

Seven Pillars of Wellbeing

7. Intellectual Wellbeing

Education is also a great tool to stay away from different kinds of disappointments. Learning new skills will give you a feeling of accomplishment and also you will have more clarity about the world if you read some good books and blogs especially the blogs of Oneliner.


 Education breeds confidence. Confidence breeds hope. Hope breeds peace .”  

–  Confucius

Hope this article has helped you and made you feel light and relaxed. We can promise that if you practice all of the mentioned points then your life will change drastically towards positive things very soon.

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